Season 5 of ‘Are You the One’ Is Removed From U.S. Streaming Services Following Allegations by Gianna Hammer!

Although production on the upcoming ninth season of Are You the One has begun, the focus right now is squarely on the fifth season of the show, which debuted in 2017. Gianna Hammer, a contestant on the MTV dating show, has claimed that she was “drugged” and “sexually assaulted” while the show was being filmed.

She has made these claims on TikTok and The Daily Beast. As a direct result of this, MTV has removed the entire season from all streaming services in the United States; however, this action did not affect any video on demand or international streaming services.

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Gianna Hammer claims on her social media accounts and in that interview that she was given Zoloft, an antidepressant that she was taking at the time, by producers to calm her down after getting into a drunken fight with a male cast member.

This is despite the fact that her doctor had warned her not to take the medication while she was drinking alcohol.

“I am aware that my fellow cast members have mentioned that I incessantly harped on them about how “I’m not supposed to do this when I’m drinking.”

Hammer was quoted as saying to The Daily Beast, “I’m not supposed to do this when I’m drinking.” “[however], despite this, they insisted that it was perfectly fine, claiming that the dosage wasn’t sufficient or some such thing. So I decided to take it.”

She then stated that she was told the following day that she had gotten into bed with a male cast member and that her co-stars had to pull her out of bed after the cast member ignored her telling him “no” despite the fact that she was in bed with him.

During the same interview, another cast member named Tyranny Todd stated that she witnessed an unnamed cast member of Are You the One riding on top of Hammer.

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The article includes statements from both Todd and another cast member, Hayden Weaver, that support Hammer’s assertions.

Production company for the film “Are You the One?” In a lighthearted manner, refute the claims. They stated the following to The Daily Beast: “On the sets of Are You the One?, safety protocols have been in place for a long time, so we are confident that any review will confirm that these protocols are adequate. [sic]

We categorically refute the claims made by the ex-contestant; in all eight seasons of the show, not a single contestant has informed Lighthearted of an experience involving sexual assault.

The Actors From the Fifth Season of “Are You the One?”

Regarding this topic, MTV Weaver tweeted, ” “These allegations have been refuted by Lighthearted Entertainment. As a witness, I can attest to the fact that Lighthearted Entertainment is full of complete and utter garbage.”

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The following is what MTV said in response to the outlet: “We take these issues very seriously and have paused production/casting in order to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations, the third-party production company, and further review our internal safety protocols.”

As soon as these allegations became public knowledge, the show was pulled from the streaming service Paramount+, which is owned and operated by ViacomCBS, which also owns MTV.

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At the time this article was being written, a number of online retailers were still selling the complete fifth season of the show. Now through Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu, customers can purchase individual episodes or the entire season.

The entirety of the season is also made available in other countries. As an illustration, the season can still be watched on Now TV in the United Kingdom.

Newsweek has gotten in touch with MTV to inquire about whether or not the season can still be viewed online. This article will be updated as soon as a response is received by us.

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A casting call for the upcoming ninth season of Lighthearted can still be found on the website of the show, despite the fact that according to MTV, casting, and production on the show have been halted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find a replay of the reunion episode of Are You the One?

MTV website

The only place you’ll be able to watch the reunion is on the official website of MTV, but you’ll need to have a TV provider in order to do so. After you have determined which television service you subscribe to on the website, you will be prompted to enter your log-in information for the selected television service.

Is there any chance that any of the couples from the fifth season of Are You the One will end up together?

The cast members from season 5 are out there living their best lives these days, but none of the relationships from that season are still going strong today. A few of the couples, such as Mike Cerasani and Casandra Martinez and Gianna Hammer and Hayden, did make an effort to make their relationships work in the real world; however, at this point, all of the couples have moved on to other things in their lives.


Although production has begun on the upcoming ninth season of Are You the One, the current focus is on the fifth season, which premiered in 2017. Gianna Hammer, a contestant on the MTV dating show, claims she was “drugged” and “sexually assaulted” during filming.

These claims have been made on TikTok and The Daily Beast. As a direct result, MTV has removed the entire season from all U.S. streaming services; however, this action did not impact video on demand or international streaming services.

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