Strange World: Release Date? Cast? Plot? Of The New Disney+?

Strange World: Release Date? Cast? Plot? Of The New Disney+?

Disney’s Pixar is marking its return to the theatres with a new animated film after the immense success of Encanto. The new arrival from the studio giant is ‘Strange World’. a movie the fans have been waiting for a long time. Here’s everything a fan must know about the movie.

Is There A Release Date?

The Walt Disney Pictures has announced its 61st animated feature film, the title of which is Strange World. The film will therefore be the next to debut after Encanto, which is still winning the hearts of audiences around the world at the cinema. But when does Strange World get released in cinemas? Before talking in detail about the film, let’s find out its release date. The film will arrive in theaters, barring unforeseen circumstances, in November 2022.

What Is The Plot?

But what will the new Disney feature be about? Directed by Don Hall (already known for Big Hero 6, Raya, and The Last Dragon), Strange World will center the plot adventures of Clades, a legendary family of explorers intent on carrying out last, incredible missions. 

Tuttavia the success of the enterprise will however be jeopardized by the differences between the family members, who will therefore have to learn to live with each other so that the plan can be carried out.

In short, the story will take viewers on an adventurous journey to discover mysterious and exciting places, as anticipated by the first concept art of the film.

Who’s In The Cast Of The Film?

Everything is silent on the voice actors and cast of Strange World, which in fact, being an animated film, will not see the physical presence of the actors, who instead will only lend their voices to the characters. Of these, we know that the protagonists are the Clades, a family with a common interest but with great differences. Soon we will be able to find out more about the film’s antagonists and the names of all the characters.

Will It Come To Streaming?

In conclusion, we remind you that the company officially launched its Disney+ service on November 12, 2019. With the right timing, therefore, after the screening in theaters, the Strange World film will be made available on the streaming platform.

Strange World: Do We Have A Trailer?

There are no trailers or videos of Strange World since the production of the Disney film is still in its infancy. We will update you, however, in case of news.



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