Nina Dobrev: Which Character Is She Playing In Stranger Things Season 4?

Nina Dobrev: Which Character Is She Playing In Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things has been one of Netflix’s most popular titles over the years. The fans of the Netflix teen drama are currently waiting for its fourth season that has been slated for a release in 2022. Now a new piece of news that emerged via Nina Dobrev’s Instagram account has increased the anticipation of the fans. A new photo should prove that Nina Dobrev will soon be part of “Stranger Things.” 

“The Vampire Diaries” Meets “Stranger Things”?

The release date of “Stranger Things” season 4 is still not out. But at least we know that the new season will appear in the summer of 2022. Well, we can manage a few months after “Stranger Things” fans had to wait three years for a sequel. Now there is brand new news from Hawkings again. “The Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev uploaded a very interesting Insta-Pic. Is she telling us that she will soon be featured on the hit Netflix series too? See for yourself.

Nina Dobrev In “Stranger Things”?

The 32-year-old actress Nina Dobrev posted a picture where she is standing in front of Hawkins High School. The place was a big part of the series in previous “Stranger Things” seasons. Will Nina be there in the upcoming season 4? Or even in the fifth and final “Stranger Things” season? Since Netflix has not officially announced or confirmed anything, these assumptions are so far unlikely. Is that exactly what should confuse us? But some fans tend to think that Nina was around and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take a photo in front of the cult school. What do you think?

Stranger Things Season 4: What Role Could Nina Play?

Fans of the Netflix teen drama might remember that Season 4 will occur beyond Hawkins. Eleven, Will, Jonathan, and Joyce Byers have now moved to California following the events of the Season 3 finale. The storyline of Stranger Things Season 4 will take place during the spring break of 1986, as reported by Deadline. The characters will return to Hawkins for spring break, where Eleven will meet her boyfriend, Mike. 

Everyone in the storyline so far thinks that Jim Hopper, Eleven’s adopted father, is dead, but thanks to the teaser released earlier, we know more than the show’s characters. Jim Hopper is alive and is in a Russian prison; why? We don’t know yet. There are rumors that Nina could fit into the role of a scientist or, most probably, a teacher at Hawkins High if she is really in the fourth season of the Netflix show.



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