Leonardo DiCaprio And Johnny Depp: Dispute Everyone Does Not Know About!

Leonardo DiCaprio And Johnny Depp: Dispute Everyone Does Not Know About!

Everyone loves Leonardo, especially in the new Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up.” But LEO doesn’t love everyone. The actor has a big argument with one superstar.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Everyone Loves The Hollywood Star

Fans love Leonardo DiCaprio because of his significant roles in classics like “Titanic,” in thrillers like “Shutter Island” or “Inception,” in action comedies like “Catch Me If You Can” – and now in the comedy “Don’t Look Up “(also on Netflix from December 24th) alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill.

In addition, DiCaprio’s colleagues always have a good word for Leonardo. They praise his style, his talent, his commitment. And: DiCaprio is happy to return the compliments. DiCaprio has nothing to say about a Hollywood superstar. Because the two have only one thing in common: a big argument so bad that the two will probably never get together again.

The First And The Last Time In A Single Film

DiCaprio couldn’t get along with a superstar colleague. Behind the scenes, there was foul air in the only film the two of them ever made. And this superstar is Johnny Depp.

The two appeared together in 1993 in the drama “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Both were young (Johnny was 30, Leonardo 19) and still at the beginning of their world careers. Although Johnny was already a well-known actor at the time, Leo was still a newcomer.

The two brothers play in the film, Johnny, the cool guy from the small town who has to take care of his mentally disabled brother Arnie (DiCaprio). The family drama is still celebrated today by many fans of the two stars. But there was also a lot of drama behind the camera.

Dispute Behind The Scenes

Johnny Depp admits that “I totally tormented Leonardo,” said the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in an interview, “It was terrible! But he just kept talking about video games. It was a terrible time. And he always secretly wanted to smoke a cigarette from me, and I should hide it from his mom.”

Johnny makes it clear that the then 19-year-old Leo was getting on the nerves of the 11-year-old Johnny. And although Depp only says the best about Leo’s talent, DiCaprio seems to have never really gotten over the problematic collaboration.

Because after the film they were never seen together in front of the camera again. According to rumors, the two do not get along well even after all these years.



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