Mathis Family Matters Season 2: What Is Release Date of Season 2?

One of the most popular judges on television, Greg Mathis shot to prominence in recent years. His series “Judge Mathis” premiered in 1999 and is now in its 23rd season.

Only Judge Judy Sheindlin, whose show “Judge Judy” debuted in 1996, has had a more successful career as a TV judge than Mathis has. In an earlier interview, Judge Mathis explained that he attributes much of his success to the lessons he has learned on the job.

He elaborated by saying “Whatever it is, I was once a kid living on the streets. Whatever the case may be, I was raised by a single parent. And yes, I come from a similarly wild and crazy family as the rest of you.”

Judge Mathis has been a well-known TV arbitrator for over 20 years, and now he has a new reality TV role to add to his résumé.

His entire family is involved this time. The native of Detroit, his wife, and their four children will be featured in the upcoming E! reality series “Mathis Family Matters.”

Mathis Family Matters season 2

When Can We Expect to See New Episodes of Mathis Family Matters?

The upcoming E! reality show “Mathis Family Matters” will be Judge Greg Mathis’ first foray into unscripted television. According to the channel, viewers will get an intimate look into the lives of Judge Mathis, his wife Linda, their four grown children, and their adorable grandchildren.

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Recent interviews with Judge Mathis have revealed that his son, Amir Mathis, was instrumental in persuading him to try his hand at reality TV. Mathis said on “The Real” that, “over the years, everybody in the industry has been coming to me to try to pitch a new show with me in it.”

He elaborated by saying “My youngest son, Amir, approaches me now. To paraphrase, “Dad, if I get a show will you be in it?” Six months later, Mathis continued, the show was given the go-ahead, and his entire family was enthusiastically on board.

Who Is the Expected to Cast of Mathis Family Matters Season 2?

According to E! News, Judge Greg Mathis‘ four adult children — Jade Mathis(Instagram), Camara Mathis Webb, Greg Mathis, Jr., and Amir Mathis(Instagram) — will appear on the show, “Mathis Family Matters.”

The eldest of the children, Jade, is an outspoken advocate for mental health who also works as an attorney. Camara Mathis, the judge’s second daughter, follows in her father’s legal footsteps. Camara is “Mother Mathis” to her daughters Nora and Zora, who will also be featured on the show. Greg Mathis Jr., the namesake of Judge Mathis, works in real estate, and the youngest Mathis child, Amir, is credited as the show’s creator.

Fans of the well-known arbitrator will likely enjoy his new reality show because of the mix of lighthearted moments and thoughtful discussions that occur within the family unit. The show’s preview shows Judge Mathis talking to his son Greg Jr., who he discovers is secretive about his sexuality. Camara, meanwhile, admits that motherhood has her “drowning.”

Mathis Family Matters season 2

Lead Characters

Linda Mathis

Linda Reese Mathis is the matriarch of the Mathis family and the wife of an American judge, reality TV star, and author Gregory Ellis Mathis. She and her husband of 37 years, Greg Mathis, are the proud parents of four kids. On the new E! reality show Mathis Family Matters, she stars alongside her husband and kids.

Judge Mathis

Former judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court and current motivational speaker/activist for Black interests Judge Greg Mathis presides over the American reality court show Judge Mathis, which is based on arbitration.

A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Since Judge Greg Mathis has been a staple of American television for so long, it only makes sense for him to try his hand at a reality show. Along with Regina King, Jason Mamoa, and countless others, Judge Mathis was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Class of 2022 in honor of his legendary career.

Philanthropy is considered alongside professional achievement when deciding who will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to producer Ana Martinez. We are honored to have Judge Mathis’s name on our prestigious sidewalk because of his many contributions to the field.

Some examples of these good deeds include founding organizations like Young Adults Asserting Themselves, which helps young people prepare for the workforce, and the Mathis Community Center, which serves the Detroit area.

The Honorable Judge Mathis was accompanied by his wife, Linda, and their four children, Jade, Camara, Greg Jr., and Amir. Judge Mathis captioned a photo from the event on Instagram, “Folks, words cannot express what this moment means to me.”

I can’t express how appreciative I am of everyone who has helped me along the way. That’s a good question; who can say? Who knows, maybe the ceremony will even be broadcast on “Mathis Family Matters.”

Mathis Family Matters season 2

Release Date of Mathis Family Matters Season 2

Based on internal information, Season 2 is expected to schedule to premiere in early 2023 or late 2023. Season 1 premiered on June 19, 2022.


For this season, there is no official trailer available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the First Season of “Mathis Family Matters” Be Available?

On Sunday, June 19th, E! will premiere the first episode of a brand new reality show starring Judge Greg Mathis Sr. On Sunday, June 19 at 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Who is Judge Mathis?

Former judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court and current motivational speaker/activist for Black interests Judge Greg Mathis presides over the American reality court show Judge Mathis, which is based on arbitration.

When Will Season Two of This Show Be Available to Watch?

Season 2 of the show is expected to schedule for a 2023 premiere, per said sources.

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