Who Is Rafael? Berlin’s Son In Money Heist?

Who Is Rafael? Berlin's Son In Money Heist?

The famous TV series from Netflix, Money Heist, reached its fifth season and welcomed three new characters. Rafael, a very important figure in the life of Berlin, or his son, played by Patrick Criado. Sagasta, commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army and a born leader, played by Jose Manuel Seda instead.

Finally, Rene, played by Miguel Angel Silvestre, is described as the great love of the Tokyo thief. That is the one who initiated her to the robberies and whom the girl had named in the first season, hinting at his death.

Who Is Rafael?

By the time the character has not been assigned a name in code, like the other faces of the TV series. As for its height, however, this should be around one meter and eighty centimeters. However, we can give you some biographical information. We know that Rafael is 31 years old and has blond curly hair and light eyes.

What Is The Back Story Of The Character?

Let’s look a bit ‘with the story of the character of Rafael in the TV series Money Heist. Although there is not much information yet, we still know that he is a relatively bright young man. The boy studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts. Moreover, he also seems to have clear ideas about what he wants in life, and he does not intend to be like his father. In this regard, let’s find out more about the relationship between him and Berlin.

Rafael And Berlin: What Is The Relationship?

Rafael and Berlin’s relationship is significant and was analyzed in-depth during the fifth season of Money Heist. The character of Rafael has often been described as the son of Berlin and therefore also as the grandson of the Professor.

It is important to remember that Berlin had talked about paternity with Rio in one of the very first episodes of the show. He had also explained to him what having a child meant for him, using this phrase: “It is a nuclear warhead that destroys everything.” That sentiment has not faded.

In Volume 1, Berlin and Rafael find themselves together in Denmark. The thief needs his son’s computer skills for a hit, in which Tatiana, Bogota, and Marseille also participate. The goal is to steal Viking gold. Rafael, at first, doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, but in the end, he helps his father and ends up having fun.



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