Money Heist: Berlin Spin-Off & Korean Remake Is Next!

Money Heist: Berlin Spin-Off & Korean Remake Is Next!

The final season of Money Heist just finished today and those who have watched it know how mind-whopping the end was. The show that started as a Limited series was extended for five seasons due to its immense popularity. In the fifth season, we witnessed the final battle between Tamayo and our beloved The Professor, as the gang closed the biggest heist in history. But just when we thought the saga was ending, Netflix came with an announcement that has anticipated the fans of the Netflix show. It’s not about the sixth season but about a spin-off that will revolve around Berlin. 

Money Heist: The Berlin Spin-Off Is Here! 

For a Long time, there have been rumors that the makers of Money Heist and Netflix are planning a spin-off that will revolve around one of the characters from the show. At times, reports suggested it would be a dark comedy about Arturo, but the final choice came as one of the show’s most popular characters, Berlin. 

In 2023, the saga will continue. Moreover, because Berlin is dead in the current scenario, the show wiLL be about the events before the heist. So far, we know that the storyline will be about his illness and life before the heist, which is not much known to us. Suppose the spin-off gets as successful as its original series. In that case, there might be chances that we will eventually get to see spin-offs about other characters, including Tokyo and the Professor himself.

Money Heist: Korean Remake Is In The Making!

Apart from the spin-off, one other piece of news that has excited the show’s fans revolves around its Korean remake. Over the years, Korean dramas have gained immense popularity, and the credit for it goes to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix’s latest venture, Squid Game, was as successful as Money Heist, and in the Korean Remake, we will also see one of the actors of the Korean survival drama taking the role of Berlin. 

Actor Park Hae-soo, who portrayed the villain’s character in Squid Game, will be returning to Netflix as Berlin in Money Heist’s South Korean remake. Apart from Hae-soo, Yoo Ji-Tae, famous for ‘Oldboy,’ will be seen stepping into the shoes of The Professor.



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