Who Is Tatiana? Berlin’s Wife In Money Heist?

Who Is Tatiana? Berlin’s Wife In Money Heist?

Who is Tatiana in the Netflix series Money Heist? During Season 3 of Money Heist, the character of Tatiana was introduced, among many others. The woman is presented to us in some flashbacks, in which we also find Berlin. Tatiana is, in fact, the former partner of the robber. The actress who plays her is Diana Gomez. Here’s everything you should know about the character.

Who Is Tatiana?

From the few episodes of the third season in which she took part, we discover that she is a musician and a thief, to which Andres reveals the plan to rob the Bank of Spain, which the criminal had planned five years earlier of the assault on the State Mint. The gang led by the Professor undertakes the coup in the course of Money Heist Season 3 and then carries it on in Season 4.

The woman has brown eyes, red hair and reaches 168 centimeters in height. It is not known precisely what age she is, but she will be around thirty years old in all probability. Tatiana from Money Heist is a somewhat mysterious character, of which we currently don’t know much more. This fact has led fans to elaborate a precise theory relating to her identity.

The Gamechanger Of Season 5!

As anticipated, the woman is the former partner of Berlin. Since Pedro Alonso’s character lost his life during the season finale of Part 2, we only see their relationship in the past through flashbacks. So we don’t know much about their relationship. The primary information is given to us in Money Heist Season 3, which we have already reported, concerns the fact that Tatiana is aware of the gang’s plan to rob the Bank of Spain.

SPOILER ALERT! Berlin itself had confided the details to her some time ago. This fact turned out to be a definite threat. With the debut of the fourth part, we then witnessed, again in a flashback, the marriage of Tatiana and Berlin. In the fifth season, we saw her not only in flashbacks but also in the present for the first time. Together with Rafael, the son of Berlin, she managed to steal the gold of the Bank of Spain from the bank.



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