IG Suggests That Only One of the “Put a Ring on It Season 3” Couples Are Together.

The Oprah Winfrey Network will premiere season 3 of its popular relationship series “Put A Ring On It.” The new season will also be available on the OWN app and discovery+.

The three different couples who are participating in the social experiment are going to put their relationships to the ultimate test in order to determine whether or not they should get married.

Master Relationship Coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who has been assisting couples in the Atlanta area in uncovering their truths for over 25 years, guides the couples through the 9-week experience as they work to strengthen their relationships.

Every week, the couples are put through a series of challenges designed to force them to confront the one question they’ve been too afraid to ask: is this pairing really ready for their “happily ever after?”

The couples are encouraged to go on a number of dates with other people in the hopes of finding out whether or not there is a better love connection that they have been missing the whole time.

Will the couples, after facing these problems head-on, decide that it is time to end their relationships and go their separate ways, or will they decide that it is finally time to ‘put a ring on it?’

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The most recent season of “Put A Ring On It,” which aired in the Fall of 2021, achieved the highest ranking possible in its time slot on cable among African-American women, households, and total viewers.

Will Packer and Kelly Smith, representing Will Packer Media, as well as Jeff Spangler and Rob LaPlante, representing Lighthearted Entertainment, are the show’s executive producers.

Put a Ring On It puts three couples to the ultimate test, and season 3 is about to blow up as Shay and Alfonzo, Charlie and Otis, and Shorty and Kenneth go through marriage counseling to (hopefully) work towards getting married.

The couples, who have each been dating for a total of three years, are being guided by master relationship coach Dr. LaBeach. The unscripted reality series includes some harsh words of advice, one of which is as follows: “If you don’t work through this, it will eat your relationship alive.”

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This was just one piece of advice that was given to a couple this year, and Reality Titbit has done some digging to find out who they are and determine whether or not they have remained together since filming with OWN.

The Duo of Shay and Alfonzo

After dating for three years, Shay and Alfonzo appear to be more in love than ever before. They have been spotted out and about in Jackson, Florida together, and they even went to a birthday party for Shay that was themed around the 1980s and the 1990s.

It appears as though the event was actually the couple’s wedding day, as loved ones have been writing congratulations in the comments section. It would appear that appearing on the OWN show was beneficial for the couple, and Dr. LaBeach is to thank for that.

On the occasion of Shay’s birthday, he completely pampered her by showering her with over 35 presents, throwing her surprise dinners, and even throwing her an “epic” party, for which he dressed up. The couple is doing better and better as time goes on; they are truly thriving!

Chef Otis Weary Jr. of Charlie and Otis has not shared any photos of Charlana (@iamcharlana) on his Instagram feed, and the two of them do not follow each other on the photo-sharing platform. Despite this, his primary profile picture on Facebook is of his OWN co-star who is also his boyfriend.

In spite of the fact that she does not feature Otis on her page, real estate investor Charlana recently commented on his most recent photo. When he thanked God for the blessings that he has received, she wrote “amen” on the paper.

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It would appear that they are able to coexist peacefully, but it does not appear that they are still romantically involved with one another. During one of his dates on the show, he is questioned with the following statement: “So maybe, you haven’t met the right person yet?”

The Two Men, Shorty and Kenneth

Kenneth posted an Instagram story of him in bed with a woman just one day before the premiere of the third season of Put a Ring on It. He included it in the highlights section of his reading and gave it the name “My Habesha Quee.” Therefore, it is safe to say that he is in a committed relationship.


On the other hand, Shorty does not appear in any of the pictures that are displayed in his main feed, and her Instagram account (@shortymackatl) does not have any images of Kenneth either. They aren’t even moving in the same direction as each other.

Shorty and Kenneth may have decided to end their relationship as a result of the fact that they are forced to compete with the other participants by going out on dates with other women; however, this has not been confirmed by the two of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether or not Che and Michael from “Put a Ring on It” are still together?

However, Ché and Michael were successful in making things better in the end. In point of fact, they have successfully tied the knot.

Put a Ring on It season 3: where can I watch it online?

Currently, you are able to stream the third season of “Put a Ring on It” on Discovery+ Amazon Channel, Spectrum On-Demand, Discovery Plus, and The Oprah Winfrey Network.

How old was Mimi when putting a ring on it was filmed?

The reality star, who is 35 years old, is in a committed relationship. Masika shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a stunning pear-shaped yellow diamond ring. Over the course of the weekend, she celebrated with an extraordinary event in Houston. Her fiance, Mar, even presented her daughter with a stunning diamond ring as a gift.


The most recent season of “Put A Ring On It,” which aired in the fall of 2021, ranked highest in its cable time slot among African-American women, households, and total viewers. The show’s executive producers are Will Packer and Kelly Smith, representing Will Packer Media, as well as Jeff Spangler and Rob LaPlante, representing Lighthearted Entertainment.

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