The War Next Door Season 2: Release Date | Is Series Confirmed This Year?

The Mexican comedy series “The War Next-Door,” which used to be called “Guerra de vecinos,” is about two families who couldn’t be more different. After a fight between the matriarchs of the two families, they don’t know that they will end up living next door to each other in a nice neighbourhood.

The show was made by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariana, who are husband and wife. The first episode of the comedy series came out in July 2021. Aside from being very entertaining, the show also has some parts that are easy to understand.

The War Next Door Season 2

The plot is driven by the themes of chance and trying to make life better. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear if there will be a second season after flying through the first one. So, here’s everything we have!

Expected Plot

In the first season, Silvia tries to get Leonor to sell the house to her. Leonor’s family can no longer afford to live in the nice area, and Silvia wants them to leave. Even though the two women are fighting, other people in their families have become close.


Ernesto and Genaro shut the door on Silvia and Leonor in the last few minutes of the season, as the two families move in together. They suggest that the two women stay in different parts of Silvia’s flooded house.

In a second season, it would be interesting to see how Silvia and Leonor’s relationship changes. Even though they don’t like each other, it’s clear that they each live in their own world. Both of their families have made this very clear. Since the Lópezes and the Espinozas have to live together, things could get even more exciting.

Who Can Be in the War Next Door Season 2?

Vanessa Bauche (who plays Leonor) and Ana Layevska are the stars of the show (Silvia). Other actors are Mark Tacher (Ernesto), Sara Isabel Quintero (Dolores), Marco León (Diego), Pascacio López (Genaro), and Loreto Peralta (Crista).

The War Next Door Season 2

Elyfer Torres (who plays Tere), Christian Vazquez (who plays Tomás), and Armando Said (who plays Pablo) also play important roles. If the show is picked up for a second season, we’ll probably see most of these people again, but some new actors might join the cast.

When Will Season 2 of The War Next Door Come Out?

The first season of “The War Next Door” came out on Netflix on July 7, 2021. The first season has eight episodes, and each one lasts between 29 and 32 minutes. Here is everything we know about the second season.

There hasn’t been an official word yet about whether or not the show will be back for another round. But we think there’s a good chance Netflix will order a second season. The same people who made “Daughter from Another Mother,” which has been seen by 23 million households, also made this show.

There are some things that are the same about the two shows. Both dramas are about two very different women who end up learning from each other and growing up together. They also do what they think is best for their families.

The War Next Door Season 2

This shows that people like hearing stories like these. Season 1 is said to have started filming in the middle of October 2020. This means that it takes about nine months to make one season.

Since Netflix usually waits two to three months before renewing a show, the news might not come until September 2021. If the show gets another season, the second season of “The War Next Door” could come out in the summer of 2022.

First Season-ending Explained

Status and fame are very important to Silvia. She wants to be perfect, but only for other people. This need to be perfect makes her family feel like they can’t breathe. Silvia is always trying to get the status, but she forgets that her family is made up of people.

In one episode, she doesn’t even notice when her daughter Christa (Loreto Peralta) gets a cut on her face. Christa has said over and over again in the series that her mother doesn’t care about her unless she does something that could hurt her mother’s reputation.

Even Silvia’s stepson, Diego (Marco Leon), has said that she doesn’t even believe in his business plans, which hurts him a lot. Even though she told him this, Silvia only goes to his business party to slow down the development of his app.

Ernesto (Mark Tacher), Silvia’s husband, keeps his growing friendship with Genaro (Pascacio López), Lenor’s husband, a secret from Silvia. In fact, he also gave Genaro a job at his business and hid that fact from Silvia.

The War Next Door Season 2

Given these situations, it only makes sense that Silvia’s desire for status will backfire on her one day. And that’s what happened in the last episode’s second half. All of her worst fears came true. Her husband didn’t mind being friends with the husband of her enemy.

Her daughter ran away to Lopez’s house and became best friends with Pablo, Lenor’s son (Armando Said). Tere, the oldest daughter of the Lopez family, was in love with her son (Elyfer Torres). She was surprised that none of them cared about the other family’s social status or even how they lived.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the War Right Next Door Over?

The Mexican comedy The War Next Door (Guerra de vecinos), whose first season came out in early July 2021, will be back for a second season on Netflix.

Is the Story in the Girl Next Door True?

The real-life murder and torture of a teenage girl named Sylvia Liken in 1965 was the inspiration for both The Girl Next Door and the book it was based on, which was written by Jack Ketchum. Gertrude Baniszewski, who hurt Sylvia, was a family friend, not her aunt, but the situation was very similar.

Does Netflix Have the Girl Next Door?

You can see “The Girl Next Door” on Netflix.

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