Movies about teenagers, school, and love

Movies about teenagers, school, and love

The Kissing Booth

Elle is a sweet and spontaneous girl in high school. Like all her peers, she dreams of a romantic relationship, but for now, she only has a childhood friend with whom she grew up together and still maintains a friendly relationship. Deciding to take part in a party called “The Kissing Booth”, the high-schooler had no idea that her partner in the game would be the older brother of her buddy.


Lola Williams is a sixteen-year-old high school student who faces the most common teenage problems. For example, at the beginning of the school year, her boyfriend, who has returned from camp, directly informs her that he cheated on her at camp with another girl and Lola is very upset about it. There is also a trip to Paris where the class is supposed to go as a group. There they will experience exciting walks, shopping, cultural activities and of course, romance.


Bianca Piper is a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl who lives a very ordinary life: doing her homework diligently, reading books, and occasionally going out with friends. There are some in her class who are referred to as nerds, bitches, or first beauties, but Bianca doesn’t see herself in any of these stereotypes. One day a boy named Wesley Rush, the prettiest boy in school, opens Bianca’s eyes to the fact that behind her back she is called an “ugly simpleton” and that her friends are lazy and don’t study or even buy narrative essay, they are only friends with her because she lets them cheat off her homework.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is a much in love girl. She had five boyfriends by the high school for whom she had sincere and genuine feelings. But none of them knew about it. Lara had never confessed her love for anyone, nor had she ever hinted at any kind of relationship. She simply wrote a letter to her lover and hid it in a secret drawer. She was the only one who knew about those letters. Until recently. Inexplicably the letters found their recipients.

Wild Child

Poppy Moore is only sixteen, but she has already proved herself to be a spoiled egomaniac and a real badass. She could have a lot of fun in Los Angeles, but another party is her last, and her dad sends his negligent daughter to a British school to be reformed. The new life becomes a nightmare for Poppy and she misbehaves out of hand, but the English teachers are not easy to piss off.

Midnight Sun

The life of seventeen-year-old poetess Katie is filled with darkness and loneliness. She has never seen sunlight because, due to a unique genetic disease, she cannot cope with ultraviolet light. During the day Katie sleeps in a completely closed room and in the evening she goes outside to slowly sing songs of her composition with her guitar. One of these romantic songs attracted Charlie, a guy with fiery red hair and a dazzling smile, to her porch.

16 Wishes

It’s Abby Jensen’s sixteenth birthday soon and this time she won’t let anyone ruin her little party. Abby has been making a list of things she’d like to accomplish for the date for years. One of the obligatory items is the best party ever. However, Abby is sure that her friend Jay’s ex-girlfriend will probably try to stop her from doing so, as their birthdays overlap. Suddenly, for her 16th birthday, someone gives Abby 16 magic wish-granting candles.


Archie is a high school student but is passionate about music. He takes part in a rock band, thereby constantly annoying his father. The boy’s personal life is full of romance and endless adventures. He has tender feelings for a new schoolmate Veronica. The girl has a lot of secrets and Archie wants to know everything about her. Betty, secretly in love with Archie, and is jealous of him over everyone. One day a tragic event happens at a party, Jason dies. Everyone present on that unfortunate day falls under suspicion.


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