In the Dark Season 4: News, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers & Updates 2022!

In The Dark is a crime drama and police procedural show that debuted on The CW in 2019. The show is about a blind woman in her 20s named Murphy Mason who is trying to figure out who killed her best friend.

The show was made by Corinne Kingsbury, and Murphy is played by Perry Mattfeld. The show has three seasons so far, and the next one will start on June 23, 2021.

In the Dark Season 4

Fans liked the show, but the third season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving them wondering what will happen next and when they will find out. What you need to know about “In the Dark” is as follows:

Will “in the Dark” Have the Fourth Season?

The last episode of the third season aired on October 6, 2021. But the fourth season was already set to start in February 2021 before the third season even came out. According to Deadline, as the fourth season gets closer to being released, it was announced that it will also be the last season.


There was no clear explanation for why the show ended. But it could be because the deal between Netflix and The CW is over or because the show isn’t making as much money as The CW would like. The show was also streamable on Netflix, which was where it did best.

In the Dark Season 4

The show has come a long way and a lot has happened since it first started. Maybe the people in charge of the show want to end it on a good note by solving the murder and letting Murphy go back to living a quiet life.

What Happens in Season 4 of in the Dark?

In the first episode, Murphy decided to solve the murder of her friend on her own. In the third season, Murphy went from being a bored receptionist at the Guard Dog school her parents ran to being the owner of a drug front and then a woman on the run.

But even more, bad things have happened since then. Murphy, her best friend Jess, their annoying friend Felix, and Murphy’s ex-boyfriend Max are in yet another difficult situation. Now that the police are after them for murder.

In the Dark Season 4

They have to avoid getting caught and also stay away from Josiah, a powerful drug kingpin. In the next season, Murphy and her friends will get into more trouble, and hopefully, the story will have a happy ending that everyone will like.

Who Will Be in Season 4 of In the Dark”?

Perry Mattfeld plays the main character, Murphy Mason, and he will also be back for the last season. Brooke Markham, who plays Jess Damon, will be back, as will Casey Deidrick, who plays Max Parish, and Keston John.

Who plays Darnell James, Morgan Krantz, who plays Felix Bell, Theodore Bhat, who plays Josh, and Matt Murray, who plays Gene Clemens. Maurice Compte, who plays Josiah, will also be back.

In the Dark Season 4

When Will Season 4 of “in the Dark” Come Out?

During the making of the show, there were a few setbacks. The filming began on November 29, 2021, and will end on May 31, 2022. By then, the first episode will be ready, and it will be shown for the first time on June 6, 2022.

The fourth season will also have 13 episodes, and each one will come out once a week. It is on Netflix a week after each episode airs on The CW.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons of in the Dark Will There Be?

Four Seasons

The show will end after the fourth season. The story of Murphy Mason will come to an end next month, as the CW’s drama series In The Dark will end with its fourth season, which will start airing on the network on Monday, June 6.

Will “in the Dark” Have a Fifth Season?

As announced on May 13, 2022, the CW has officially cancelled In the Dark Season 5 after four seasons.

Does “in the Dark” Come From a Book?

Luckily for all of those attending a Halloween party this year, it seems that the first instalment of Into the Dark, called ‘The Body, isn’t actually based on any true events. But it is based on a previous film.

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