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The Internet has now become a great and quick way to meet like-minded people or start a relationship. Online services are the popular dating ways, which have brought more than one couple together, and celebrities are no exception. In this article, you can read about popular people who found each other precisely thanks to the «online world».

Celebrities and the World of Online Dating

Have you ever heard that the first conversation between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas took place on the internet? How about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who first got in touch on Instagram?

Although most famous people meet their special someone while doing their projects or during special events, several celebrities took the first steps in their relationships on the internet. 

So unlike what some men and women assume, meeting your partner online is widely welcomed by all groups of people. From various rooms on online dating site to long-term relationships, you can rely on the internet to meet and date your perfect match with ease. 

Still, on the subject of online dating, let’s take a look at the love life of some celebrities who gained the advantage of the internet for their relationships. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

The Game of Thrones actress started her relationship with his pop star husband, Joe Jones, on the internet. The adorable couple, admired by many young people, are now parents to a lovely daughter called Willa. 

In an interview, Sophie explained that their mutual friends had been trying to introduce the two for a while. But Joe was the one who took the first step to start their relationship. They had each other on their Instagram following list, and one day Joe sent the first message to Sophie. 

The couple has since shared many photos on their social media accounts and constantly delighted their fans. 

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Fans of Sarah Hyland often see her flaunt her love for Wells Adams on her social media, and that’s where their love story started. In an interview, Wells showed his interest in the internet for online dating by saying that “The internet — it’s amazing.”

In another interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah revealed that she had been following Wells and had tweeted to him. She said Wells appeared funny to her, and she liked the idea that he was a fan of Modern Family. Additionally, she revealed that Wells promised to take her out for tacos and drinks the first time he messaged for dating. 

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

The love journey between Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith was first set out on Instagram. She enlightened that their story began when she posted a photo of Taylor’s album on her profile. Taylor then sent a note to her, and they started exchanging emails that led to going out on dates.

In 2017, the two got engaged after two years of dating. The singer and actress got married in 2018, and everything went well between them. Mandy credits the internet and social media in different interviews for giving them the chance to meet each other. 

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

When it comes to the personal life of the Jonas brothers, one thing you can know for sure is that they take full advantage of the internet for relationships. A DM Nick sent to Priyanka on Twitter in 2016 was the ignition of their love. She responded that they should keep in touch via text messages since her team could read her messages on Twitter. 

The conversations continued, but it wasn’t until the Vanity Fair Oscar in 2017 that they met in person. One year later, their romance became official when they went on their first date. The two are now married, and Priyanka has shown her satisfaction with their relationship multiple times in various interviews

Jake T.Austin and Danielle Cesar

From a fan to girlfriend, it took Danielle Cesar five years of tweets to start their relationship. Danielle had a crush on Jake and first messaged her in 2009. In 2011, he followed her back, and she kept tagging him in the tweets she shared.

Although the couple hasn’t shared details about the transition of their relationship from the online world to offline, they’ve confirmed that they dated in 2015 on Instagram. 

Although it’s not clear whether they’re still romantically linked or not, Jake has shared positive views of the internet. He believes that it doesn’t matter how a man and woman meet. Either it can happen in the business, or the two might connect on the internet.


As you see, internet-based services are the perfect means of meeting someone new, even for celebrities. You can benefit from online dating services and social media to connect with people you’re interested in and start the relationship you like most conveniently. 


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