10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars: Here Is The List Of Movies Nominated For Oscars In 2022!

Even though it wasn’t the big change Hollywood had hoped for, 2021 was better than the year before. This year, most of the Oscar nominees are again small, independent movies that most people don’t see.

Even movies with big budgets like “Nightmare Alley” and “West Side Story,” which are both up for the Oscar for Best Picture, didn’t live up to the hype. “Dune,” a movie by Denis Villeneuve that did better at the box office and got nominated for 10 Oscars, is showing signs of life (including Best Picture).

Behind the scenes at the Academy, there is a lot going on, just like in Hollywood. Several news sites have said that there has been a lot of fighting over the decision to cut Best Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Animated Short from the live broadcast.

When compared to the fact that movies like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” could be nominated for Best Picture, what seems to be an attempt to get more people to watch seems kind of silly.

The superhero movie was not only the biggest hit of 2018, but it also got perfect reviews from both critics and audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score was 98 per cent. If it wins the Oscar for “Fan Favorite,” it might be the only award it can get.

Drive My Car

The director is Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, and the movie has a Metascore of 91 and an IMDb user rating of 7.8. It is 179 minutes long.

This great drama by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi is one of two well-known movies he made in 2021. The other is “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy.” It uses the growing friendship between an actor and his driver as a way to talk about loss and come to terms with it.


10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

It is up for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Director, and it is also one of the top choices for Best International Feature Film.

The Worst Person in the World (2021)

Joachim Trier is the director. Metascore: 90 – IMDb user rating: 7.9 – Runtime: 128 minutes

The third and final part of Joachim Trier’s “Oslo Trilogy” is about a young woman named Julie and the problems she faces both at home and at work (Renate Reinsve).

It takes place over four years and has a mix of real-life drama and dark humour. It was up for Best Original Screenplay as well as Best International Feature Film.

Licorice Pizza 2021

Paul Thomas Anderson is in charge of making the movie. Metascore: 90 – IMDb user rating: 7.6 – Runtime: 133 minutes

The famous director Paul Thomas Anderson, who has worked in the San Fernando Valley before, was in charge of this bittersweet dramedy that takes place there. Cooper Hoffman plays a young actor who falls in love with an older woman for the first time.

10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

This puts him on both real and symbolic new roads (Alana Haim). Not only are there real people in the movie, but many of the stories are based on the things that Anderson’s friend Gary Goetzman did. Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Screenplay are all up for grabs with this movie.

Parallel Mothers 2021

The movie runs for 123 minutes. Pedro Almodóvar is the director. IMDb user rating: 7.1 (Metascore: 88)

Penélope Cruz and Milena Smit play two independent women who have their babies in the same hospital on the same day. After that, they become close friends with each other. Cruz was named the best actress at the Venice Film Festival and given the Volpi Cup.

10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

For the same role, she was also nominated for an Oscar. Metacritic gives the movie an average score of 88 out of 100, and the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer gives it a score of 97 per cent.

The Tragedy of Macbeth 2021

Director: Joel Coen. Metascore: 87 – IMDb user rating: 7.2 – Runtime: 105 minutes

This is the first time that Joel Coen has directed a movie without his brother Ethan. It is also the latest version of “Macbeth” that has been made over the years.

It has a dark, expressionist style and tells the story of a Scottish Lord (Denzel Washington) and his wife (Frances McDormand), who try to get power by any means necessary.

Simran Hans wrote in an article for The Guardian that the work has a “cold, abstract beauty.” It got three Academy Award nominations, including one for Washington in the Best Actor category.

The Lost Daughter

Maggie Gyllenhaal is in charge of it. The movie has an 86 Metascore. – 6.7 stars from IMDb users. – It’s 121 minutes long.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s first movie as a director was a version of a well-known Italian novel. A troubled college professor (Olivia Colman) is forced to face her troubled past and the events that led to her quitting her job while she is at the beach.

10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

One of the three Oscar nominations for this movie was for Gyllenhaal in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

West Side Story 2021

Director: Steven Spielberg. Metascore: 85 – IMDb user rating: 7.7 – Runtime: 156 minutes

Steven Spielberg, a well-known director, is in top form in his new version of a classic musical. It has modern themes and shows Spielberg at his best. Even though many critics liked it, it didn’t do well at the box office.

Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler’s love story is retold as they play teenage dreamers on opposite sides of a gang war. It is being considered for an Oscar nomination in seven categories, including Best Picture and Best Director.

King Richard

Reinaldo Marcus Green was in charge of making the movie. Metascore: 76 – IMDb user rating: 7.6 – Runtime: 144 minutes

The famous movie “Venus and Serena” is about how Venus and Serena Williams became the best tennis players in the world. In the movie, their father Richard, who is played by Will Smith, is the driving force behind their success.

10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

He sticks to a game plan no matter how hard things get. Most people agree that Smith will win the Academy Award for Best Actor. This would be Smith’s first Oscar. He can win the Best Picture award because he was one of the people who made the movie.

The Hand of God

Director: Paolo Sorrentino. The average rating from IMDb users is 7.4 – Total running time: 130 minutes – Metascore: 76

The movie’s director, Paolo Sorrentino, drew on his own life to make this powerful coming-of-age story, which takes place in Naples in the 1980s. The story is about a young man named Fabietto Schisa, who is played by Filippo Scotti.

10 Best Movies 2022 Oscars

His life is changed by a series of events that no one could have seen coming. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival and will be up for an Academy Award in the Best International Feature Film category.

Encanto 2021

The movie was made by Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Charise Castro Smith. Metascore: 75 – IMDb user rating: 7.3 – Runtime: 102 minutes

The story of this computer-animated fantasy is about a family who lives in the highlands of Colombia. Each member of the family has some kind of supernatural power. Except for Mirabel, every member of the group goes on an adventure that will change her life.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which has been the most popular song at Disney for the longest time in the company’s history.


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How Many Movies Got Oscar Nominations in 2022?

All 53 of the nominees for the Oscars in 2022 are ranked.

What Happened at the 2022 Oscars?

Big Things That Happened at the Oscars in 2022: The Awards, the Speeches, and the Hit That Everyone Saw. Will Smith hit Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife?

This was not planned. Smith won the award for “King Richard’s” best actor. “Power of the Dog” won the best picture and Jane Campion won the best director.

Who Got the Award for Best Actress in 2022?

At the Oscars 2022 ceremony on Sunday night, Jessica Chastain won the best actress award for her role as televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker in the movie The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

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