Most Recent Jason Movies: Is There Going to Be a New Jason Movie in 2022?

Jason Statham got to be a big name in action movies in an interesting way. Statham was a competitive diver for a long time when he was growing up in England. He was on Britain’s National Swimming Squad for 12 years and competed in the 1990 Commonwealth Games, which were like the Olympics for British countries and territories.

Because of that and his work in modelling and music videos, he brings a surprising amount of grace to his roles, even though he has played a lot of bad guys, thieves, and traitors over the years.

We didn’t have room for everything in our list of his best movies, so we’d like to give special mention to his great supporting roles in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, The Expendables 2, and The Italian Job, as well as his interesting turn to drama in the quiet Redemption. Now let’s get to the fun part: Here is a list of the 10 best movies starring Jason Statham.

The Meg (2018)

Statham makes good use of his knowledge of water in this high-gloss creature feature about a giant shark that gets out of a deep-sea trench. Statham plays a classic rough-around-the-edges hero, but he breaks up the monotony by diving well as he fights the title creature.


Also, it’s hard to argue with our guy going up against an old Great White alone. After more than 20 years of being stuck in development hell, The Meg was saved by Statham and an international cast that included Li Bingbing, Cliff Curtis, and Rainn Wilson.

Together, they helped the movie make more than $500 million at the box office, which set the stage for the upcoming 2023 sequel.

Amazon and Apple TV both have it.

The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Statham was asked back for the next movie in the series after he stole the show as the villain Deckard Shaw in Furious 7. He brought his usual intensity and a touch of danger to the series, which was getting more and more boring.

And even though it was hard for some fans to accept Shaw as a family member (justice for Han! ), he’s been a great addition.

Statham’s light touch was on full display in The Fate of the Furious’ best scene, a Busby Berkeley-inspired set piece on an aeroplane where Shaw has to fight off bad guys while keeping Dominic Toretto’s newborn baby safe. Statham was so well-liked that he was soon cast in the spin-off movie Hobbs & Shaw with The Rock.

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The Mechanic (2011)

The elite assassin subgenre is one of our favourites, and this lean thriller (a remake of the 1972 film) in which a hired gun makes his hits look like accidents is a perfect fit for Statham’s talents. Statham’s trainee, Ben Foster, is a bit of a hothead, and the two of them work well together.

Even though you can guess most of the plot twists, it’s still a fun ride and Foster, Donald Sutherland, and Tony Goldwyn all do good work in supporting roles. This was a surprise hit, but the sequel Mechanic: Resurrection, which came out in 2016, isn’t as good.

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Snatch (2000)

Do you know how good you have to be to steal the show from a famous actor like Brad Pitt who is speaking in an accent no one can understand? Well, Statham does just that in Snatch, an ultra-British crime comedy directed by Guy Ritchie.

The movie is full of colourful gangsters and has a vibe similar to Lock, Stock, but with a little more power. Statham plays Turkish, a small-time boxing promoter who gets in trouble with a big-time crime boss after a fight goes wrong.

Most Recent Jason Movies

From there, Turkish has to find her way through a world full of backstabbing, diamonds, and dangerous men. Turkish doesn’t beat up everyone to stay alive. Instead, he uses his brains, and Statham’s witty narration takes us along for the wild ride.

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Parker (2013)

On paper, Statham and Jennifer Lopez don’t seem like they would work together, especially in a hard-boiled film noir. But one of the best parts of this movie version of a long-running book character by Donald Westlake (which was also done in Point Blank and Payback) is the interaction between Statham’s clever thief and Lopez’s clueless real estate agent/co-conspirator.

Yes, Parker is the kind of role Statham could play in his sleep, but the movie is filled with great supporting characters, a bright and sunny vibe that you don’t often see in crime movies, and some laughs in between the gunfights. Plus, it’s fun to picture Stath in a Stetson and trying to speak with a Southern accent.

Wrath of Man (2021)

It took 16 years for Guy Richie and Jason Statham to work together again, but their fourth movie is a fast-paced, brutal thriller that shows off Ritchie’s skills as a stylist. This remake of the 2004 French film Cash Truck was a welcome return to the criminal world for both men.

It played with time and with how we see Statham. Statham plays H, the mysterious new driver for an armoured truck company who is very skilled.

Most Recent Jason Movies

We know that nothing is as it seems, and over the course of the movie, which is made up of several connected stories, we find out what’s really going on. Statham’s anger (or wrath?) is barely bubbling under the surface for most of the movie. It’s a scary, dark movie that works.

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Safe (2012)

Statham doesn’t spend much time with kids, except when he saves a baby in Fate. Safe, on the other hand, depends on the relationship between his character and the young actress Catherine Chan as he tries to save her from the Triad, the Russian Mafia, and dirty New York City cops.

In between all the beatings, of course, Statham gives one of his most touching performances as a result. Luke Wright, played by Statham, is an ex-cop, black operative, and cage fighter.

He is on the verge of killing himself when he sees goons terrorising a young girl. He steps in to help her and finds out that she is a math genius who has memorised the very long combination to a very valuable safe. The two then go on a scary adventure together, during which Luke slowly changes into the strangest father figure ever.

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Crank (2006)

One of the most ingenious action films of the 2000s puts Statham in the role of Chev Chelios, a British hitman who has been poisoned and must keep his adrenaline at peak levels to stay alive long enough to find out who wants to kill him.

This sets the stage for all sorts of depravity, from brawls with gangsters, wild driving, doing every drug imaginable, and having public sex with his girlfriend (Amy Smart).Most Recent Jason Movies

People often say that Crank is like a live-action cartoon, and the combination of Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine’s kinetic style of directing and Jason Statham’s manic energy gives the movie a fast pace from the first scene. Chev Chelios came back for the sequel Crank: High Voltage, but we didn’t like it as much as the first movie.

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Transporter 2 (2005)

Some people might say that Chev Chelios is Statham’s most famous role, but we think it’s Frank Martin, the driver who has three rules that he never breaks… at least until the first movie. Even though The Transporter is a fun ride and the motor oil fight is hard to beat, Statham really gets into character in the sequel.

Statham drives in a way that would make the Fast and Furious crew blush, beats up a bunch of Eurotrash bad guys, beats the top henchwoman with a wine rack, and makes some bad/great puns, and still looks cool in his Transporter-approved suit. Oh, and did you know that the rumour is that Statham’s cameo in Collateral is Frank Martin?

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Spy (2015)

What else does Statham do? In this Melissa McCarthy movie, our man of action does a complete 180. This hilariously sends up the rough man of action to great effect. Statham yells and screams his way through every scene as CIA agent Rick Ford.

He takes the movie away from the always funny McCarthy. It’s a not-so-subtle jab at his usual roles that works perfectly because Statham sells it with a straight face. Ford’s insistence that the CIA has a Face/Off machine is one of the best parts of Spy.

Most Recent Jason Movies

His other crazy claims make this character so crazy that you can’t help but laugh at him. It’s one of the most surprising performances of the last 10 years and shows that Statham can do a lot more than just punch people in the face (although he does that very well).

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Is There Going to Be a New Jason Movie in 2022?

Friday the 13th: Vengeance 2: Bloodlines will come out in 2022.

When Did the Last Friday the 13th Movie Come Out?

Friday the 13th, which came out in 2009, was the last film in the series. New Line Cinema and Platinum Dunes made a remake of Friday the 13th in 2009, which was the last one.

Who Will Play Jason Voorhees Now?

Graham was not asked to play the role again, but he has been quoted many times as saying how much he enjoyed it. In The New Blood, Kane Hodder took over the role and played Jason in the next four movies.

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