Home Alone Reboot to be released on Disney+ on November 12! 

Home Alone Reboot to be released on Disney+ on November 12! 

For fans of Macaulay Culkin’s classic “Home Alone” movie, Christmas has come early because the remake is going to be released in time for the 2021 season. Also as confirming a release date for the Home Alone reboot Disney has also given the film a title two years after it had been first announced. The Home Alone reboot was first confirmed in 2019 and it’s now official: Home Sweet Home Alone will air on Disney + in November. 

It’ll come 31 years after the first Home Alone was released in 1990. The classic Christmas comedy starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister has become a cult favorite this season. But who will star within the Home Alone reboot? And when exactly can we see it? 

Here is everything you would like to understand…

What will it be about? 

Home Sweet Home Alone is played largely within the vein of the first Home Alone movie. Don’t expect an enormous change within the premise and idea of the movie. While the story is certain to vary, the premise remains largely an equivalent. At this point, we’ve Max Mercer rather than Kevin, another boy with a head filled with mischief and concepts which will drive you crazy. 

And in he’s home alone again when his parents continue vacation for Christmas. This is often largely an equivalent as within the previous films. While the family is away, a couple vows to interrupt Max’s home and family and steals the family heirloom, which is literally priceless to them. Again, there’s much room to laugh and giggle and many funny jokes. 

And it’ll be really interesting to ascertain what happens when Max takes it upon himself to catch the thieves and prove them right, while at an equivalent time protecting the relic from him.

Release Date – Home Alone Reboot

Now, Home Sweet Home Alone was officially announced in 2019, but there has been no further confirmation since. But recently Disney signed up and announced that Home Alone Reboot is going to be released on its own Disney + platform and confirmed the release date for the film. 

Home Sweet Home Alone will launch on the Disney + platform on November 12, 2021, as confirmed by 20th Century Studios – meaning it’ll be a short time before we will see the beloved movie. Personally, I’m looking forward to it and I hope we like it in every way.

The cast of the reboot

The cast for the Home Alone reboot is quite interesting as it does not include actors or actresses from the original series Home Alone. Disney will bring an entirely new cast for the premise, which is a given the age of the original films. 

Archie Yates plays Max Mercer, the home-alone boy who will cause a lot of trouble, in the new cast, and joins Ellie Kemper and Kenan Thompson, who will play the couple in the film. 

Other cast members include Rob Delaney, Aisling Bea, Peter Holmes, Mikey Day, Pete Holmes, Tim Simons, Ally Maki, Devin Ratray, and Chris Parnell. 

Well, that’s a pretty interesting lineup, and I’m personally really intrigued by the Disney options here. So I have high expectations and hope to see the best performances here.


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