Which Chicago Fire Character do fans want back badly?

Which Chicago Fire Character do fans want back badly?

If Grey’s Anatomy and Rescue Me had a television baby, it might probably look tons just like the Chicago Fire. This Chicago-based firefighting series isn’t only crammed with complex character arcs and interpersonal dramas but is additionally full of daring rescue missions and investigation into the psychological toll the work is taking over members of Firehouse 51. 

Most of the characters within the series are a tight-knit group, which suggests that losing a beloved is usually painful for both the audience and the people involved in the series. There are several notable character exits throughout the show’s impressive 10 seasons. For years, fans are demanding on social media that certain characters come and beauty “Chicago Fire” with their presence again. a number of them are individuals who have bitten the dust and shed their deadly shells. 

But unless the writers plan to skip the shark with supernatural gibberish, these characters are unlikely to return. once they are excluded, there are a couple of characters that viewers miss and would like to see again. And there’s one special feature that stands out from the remainder, a minimum of on the web.

We want Peter Mills back on Chicago Fire!!

Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) only appeared on the primary three seasons of “Chicago Fire,” but he had such an impression on viewers that a lot of are still speculating and awaiting his return to the series seven seasons later. It’s commendable that Mill’s story and Barnett’s performance were so impressive that the character still lingers within the hearts and minds of Chicago Fire fans. to the present day, social media sites like Reddit can’t stop talking about him. 

This acknowledgment post from Peter Mills, who is merely seven months old at the time of this writing, is filled with comments praising his role within the series. Fans are so desperate for this character to return that they need to be discussing potential guest appearances for several seasons. This year alone, there was even an off-the-cuff request from Reddit to convince showrunners that fans want him back.

With such a lot of fan support and as long as Season 10 is so important, including the 200 episode milestone that’s such a prestigious achievement for the series within the end of the day, is it okay to return here? Immediately the likelihood is within the air. But you’ll tune to NBC on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET to seek out for yourself.


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