The Irregular At Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc – What do we know so far!

The Irregular At Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc - What do we know so far!

“The Irregular at Magic High School”, affectionately referred to as “Mahouka” by fans and creators, is a Japanese anime series developed by Studio Madhouse and licensed from Aniplex (via Anime News Network). It follows an alternate reality where technology merges with magic. It is based on the manga made and illustrated by  Tsutomu Sato. 

The anime is based on a pair of twins, Miyuki Shiba and Tatsuya. They enrolled together in a magical high school. The first part of the anime premiered back in April 2014. Since then it has received several sequels and spin-offs. Now a replacement chapter within the lives of the brothers is added to a different series. it’s titled “Arch of Reminiscence” and adapts volume 8 of the first light novel. the discharge date is imminent, “Mahouka: Reminiscent” tries to regain the eye of the fans with this remake. we all know thus far.

The release date for Mahouka: Reminiscence Arc

Aniplex confirmed the release of the new season in February 2021 to mark the 10th anniversary of the franchise. A trailer was released alongside but no official date was announced. 

That changed, however, when Aniplex debuted the primary commercial for its adaptation “Reminiscence Arc” after the anime spinoff of the “The Honor Student at Magic High School” franchise ended (via a separate ANN article ). The commercial, which was also shared on Mahouka’s official Twitter, revealed that the Reminiscence Arc would air in winter 2021. 

However, Aniplex has yet to reveal when the anime is going to be available elsewhere than the Japanese TV market. like most anime, you will probably find your thanks to streaming services like Funimation or Crunchyroll. However, when this might happen remains a mystery.

Characters in Mahouka: Reminiscence Arc

The story revolves around Tatsuya Shiba, his sister Miyuki for whom he acts as a bodyguard. The series begins with the couple enrolling in the First high school (via Myanimelist), one of the best wizarding high schools in Japan. Miyuki is taken into account as a magical infant prodigy, which places her during a higher class than her less powerful brother. 

Even so, Tatsuya is really an incredibly skilled wizard, using technical knowledge and martial arts to form up for what he lacks in magical ability. Tatsuya is played by Yūichi Nakamura, while Miyuki is played by Saori Hayami. 

Additionally to the most duo of “Mahouka”, Aniplex has also revealed two other characters which will appear in “Reminiscence Arc”. the primary is Miya Shiba, voiced by Kikuko Inoue, Tetsuya, and Miyuki’s mother. The other, consistent with Mahouka’s official website, is Honami Sakura, a genetically modified wizard who acts because of the family’s guardian. She has the voice of Aya Endo.

The plot of Mahouka: Reminiscence Arc

As an adaptation of the eighth volume of the first series of novels, “Mahouka Reminiscence Arc” is strictly what it seems like, remember. In other words, it is a prequel story that takes place before Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll in First High. Consistent with the official Yen Press summary, the editor responsible for the English translation of the novel “Reminiscence Arc” reported on how Miyuki and Tatsuya first form the incredibly close sibling bond they share as soon as they enter high school. 

The story deals with, among other things, Tatsuya’s emotionless behavior that has developed within the course of his harsh upbringing. A magical infant prodigy, Miyuki was raised with praise and can lead the influential clan of her family. Meanwhile, Tatsuya was always treated as a servant and appointed as her bodyguard. Presumably, the new season will see them trying to fix their relationship. 


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