Crazy Rich Asians 2: Everything you need to know

Crazy Rich Asians 2: Everything you need to know

Crazy Rich Asians was an enormous success when it launched in 2018, grossing nearly $ 240 million, and receiving rave reviews around the world. After such success, it’s no wonder Warner Bros quickly moved to a sequel supported by Kevin Kwan’s sequel China Rich Girlfriend, with the third novel, Rich People Problems, also slated for the large screen. 

The sequel will bring back an equivalent cast that made the primary film a hit, and therefore the plan was to shoot both films one after the opposite in 2020. However, some behind-the-scenes issues have caused a possible delay. What about Crazy Rich Asians 2? Here’s everything you would like to understand about the sequel.

When is Crazy Rich Asians 2 happening?

There are certain already agreed-upon commitments that the actors have because of which the film is being continuously delayed. Constance Wu has other movies planned, while Awkwafina had movies just like the Little Mermaid and Marvels ShangChi, and Gemma Chan had her own Marvel Eternals movie. 

Jon M Chu will return as director, but at the time of the announcement, he was busy performing on within the Heights, Manuel Miranda’s first musical. Another issue that would delay the sequel is that co-writer Adele Lim left the sequel thanks to a pay gap. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Lim, a veteran television screenwriter, earned significantly less than co-writer Peter Chiarelli, a writer who received tons of credit for The Proposal in 2009 and signed on to the project before Chu directed it. 

Salary negotiations lasted five months and Lim was offered a salary closer to Chiarelli’s, but only because Chiarelli volunteered to share his fees together with her. After Lim refused the deal, she said, “Pete was incredibly nice, but what I earn shouldn’t depend upon the generosity of another white guy writer.” Nobody was hired to exchange Lim, so Chiarelli is functioning on the sequel with Chu at the instant, and therefore the pair received a 10-page gift from Warner Bros. in July 2019.

What can it possibly be about?

The second book in Kevin Kwan’s trilogy follows the continued drama surrounding Rachel Chu and Nick Young’s engagement. China Rich Girlfriend picks up two years after Crazy Rich Asians, and since the primary film mirrors its original footage, the sequel is probably going to remain on the brink of the novel. 

The events of the sequel have already been planted in Crazy Rich Asians, whose mid-credits scene includes a reunion between Gemma Chan’s Astrid and her ex-boyfriend Charlie (played by Glees Harry Shum Jr.). The story is about Rachel’s reunion together with her long-lost father and introduces her to the planet of Chinese billionaires, whose wealth dwarfs that of their future Singaporean relatives. (The title contradicts the exclamation of Eleanor, Nick’s mother: “These people aren’t only rich with a couple of hundred million a day. you’re rich in China! 

The main plot of the novel is centered around the growing differences between Astrid and Michael, her husband. Between the growing, feeling of revenge Astrid and Charlie start coming closer. 

Crazy Rich Asians 2 Trailer

The movie hasn’t even started shooting, so sadly a trailer may be a great distance off. Once the filming is confirmed, we will better estimate when the trailer will arrive.


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