Do you remember Sarah Paulson in Grey’s Anatomy?

Do you remember Sarah Paulson in Grey's Anatomy?

“Grey’s Anatomy” is without a doubt one among the foremost popular television shows of recent years. “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered in 2005 and ran for a whopping 18 seasons at the time of this writing. The series follows lead character Meredith Gray, played by Ellen Pompeo, who goes from an intern at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital to a successful physician and even assumes the position of chief physician of general surgery. 

Throughout the series, we see Meredith alongside the opposite doctors and interns at the hospital who are busy balancing their personal lives beyond their professional barriers. The series features an outsized selection of guest stars, a number of whom only appeared in supporting roles on “Grey’s Anatomy” before becoming big stars. for instance, one of the foremost notable guest stars on the show is American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson, who starred in an episode of the 2010 season six of Grey’s Anatomy.

By now, Paulson had already had a couple of acting roles, including a nine-part stint on Deadwood and a lead role within the short-lived sitcom Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and was only a year faraway from making it a premiere. She appeared in American Horror Story, which aired its first season in October 2011, and some might remember who she played within this ABC medical drama. 

She played the role of Dr. Ellis Grey

Sarah Paulson plays a really central figure in her brief appearance on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Ellis Gray, Meredith Grey’s mother. The American Horror Story actress plays a younger version of Ellis during a flashback within the season 6 episode titled The Time Warp. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.), who once had an affair with Ellis, later recounts a story set within the early 1980s when he and Ellis were working together to assist an AIDS patient at a time when that it had been still little. known about the disease. 

Within the flashback, we see the 2 of them being rejected by the patient who refuses to admit that he’s gay, resulting in his supervisor putting them on probation after the patient was accused of libel. Finally, the patient admits that he’s gay which Richard and Ellis correctly concluded that he has AIDS. The patient is operated on successfully but dies eight months later when he returns to the hospital with pneumonia.

The flashback also sees Ellis and Richard handling their affair. Ellis especially thinks that they ought to leave their respective spouses in order to be together, but Richard insists that he cannot leave his wife. As Grey’s Anatomy fans are likely to understand, albeit Ellis left her husband for Richard, Richard never leaves his wife. Unfortunately for Grey’s Anatomy viewers, Paulson only appears in one episode of the medical drama (via IMDb), but her role as Dr. Ellis Gray continues to form an honest impression.


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