Show Me the Money Season 7: Release Date | Everything You Need To Know!

The seventh season of Show Me the Money, dubbed Show Me the Money 777 (also known as SMTM777), premiered on September 7, 2018, and concluded on November 9, 2018. Mnet broadcasts it every Friday at 23:00 Kst.

Swings and Giriboy of Just Music, Deepflow and Nucksal of Vismajor Company (VMC), Paloalto of Hi-Lite Records and Code Kunst of AOMG, and The Quiett of Illionaire Records and Changmo of Ambition Musik are among the judges this season.

Show Me the Money Season 7

This season, unlike previous seasons, does not have a first preliminary round. Instead, the production team watched over 13,000 audition videos before selecting approximately 1,000 contestants.

These chosen contestants were then judged by the producer teams, with the qualified ones moving on to Round Two. This season, a new betting system is being used.

Prior to Round Two, 200 million won (the winner’s final prize money)2 will be divided equally among the four producer teams (50 million won for each team) and can be used to evaluate each passed rapper’s rap in the round. This season’s winner was Nafla, with Swings and Giriboy from Team Just Music as the winning producers.

The 7th Season of Show Me the Money Has Begun Recruiting Contestants

Mnet’s hip hop survival show “Show Me the Money” is returning for a seventh season! The show’s most recent season is titled “Show Me the Money 777,” also known as “Show Me the Money Triple Seven.” “We’re arming ourselves with an even more upgraded format compared to last season,” said the production team.


We’ll prepare the best performances to meet the viewers’ expectations. Please pay close attention to us.”Show Me the Money 777″ officially began accepting applications on June 7 at 7 p.m. KST. Anyone who enjoys rapping can sign up until July 7 via the show’s official e-mail, website, and Instagram.

Show Me the Money Season 7

The show also released a video promoting the hiring of new rappers. The video starts with a time bomb on a table and the words SMTM, which stands for “Show Me the Money,” sprayed on the wall behind it.

When the timer reaches 7:7:7, the bomb explodes, revealing the new season’s logo.”Show Me the Money” has maintained its popularity since its first season in 2012, with numerous songs sweeping the music charts when they are released. Previous season winners included Loco, Soul Dive, iKON’s Bobby, Basick, BewhY, and Hangzoo.

Air Dates for Show Me the Money Season 7

  • Episode 1 (S07E01)

 08:30 a.m. on September 7, 2018

  • Episode 2 (S07E02)

 08:30 a.m. on September 14, 2018

  • Episode 3 (S07E03)

 09:30 a.m., September 21, 2018

  • Episode 4 (S07E04)

 08:30 a.m. on September 28, 2018

  • Episode 5 (S07E05)

08:30 a.m. on October 5, 2018

  • Episode 6 (S07E06)

 08:30 a.m. on October 12, 2018

  • Episode 7 (S07E07)

 October 19, 2018, 08:30

  • Episode 8 (S07E08)

 October 26, 2018, 08:30

  • Episode 9 (S07E09)

 08:30 a.m. on November 2, 2018

  • Episode 10 (S07E10)

 09:30 a.m., November 9, 2018

Show Me the Money: Where Are the Winners Now?

1. LOCO, SMTM1 Winner

Eun Ji-won of the K-pop group Sechs Kies hosted the first season of SMTM, which premiered on June 22, 2012. Experienced rappers Double K, Verbal Jint, 45RPM, MC Sniper, Miryo, Hoony Hoon, Joosuc, and Garion were paired with rookie rappers for the season.

LOCO, a rookie rapper signed to AOMG, won the season under DOUBLE K. Loco is a well-known figure in South Korea, and his music is consistently at the top of the charts.

2. SMTM2 Winner: Soul Dive

Eun Ji-won hosted the second season of SMTM, which premiered on June 7, 2013. Contestants were divided into two hip hop crews: “Meta Crew,” led by MC Meta of Garion, and “D.O Crew,” led by Lee Hyun Do, formerly of the ’90s hip hop duo Deux.

Soul Dive, a hip hop trio led by MC Meta, won the competition. With three albums, they have a niche following despite not being well-known in the mainstream.

3. SMTM3 Winner: Bobby of iKON

Tablo of EPIK HIGH, Masta Wu, The Quiett, and San E were among the prominent Korean hip hop figures who appeared on the third season of SMTM.

Show Me the Money Season 7

Bobby from the K-Pop idol group iKON, along with his producers Dok2 and The Quiett of Team Illionaire, won the season. He is still a member of iKON and has worked with MINO and EPIK HIGH, among others.

4. SMTM4 Winner: Basick

The fourth season of Mnet’s SMTM features YG judges Jinusean and Tablo, San E and Verbal Jint from Brand New Music, AOMG judges Jay Park and Loco (first season winner returned as a producer), and Block B judges Zico and Paloalto (Hi-Lite Records).

Song Minho of WINNER also competed this season. Basick, the winner, is now signed to Rainbow Bridge World and has appeared in a number of popular collaborations.

5. SMTM5 Winner: BewhY

The fifth season of SMTM featured four different producer teams, including AOMG judges Simon Dominic & Gray, YG Entertainment judges Kush & Zion T, Illionaire Records judges Dok2 & The Quiett, and Gill & Mad Clown.

Show Me the Money Season 7

The season’s winner is known as one of the fastest rappers, with incredible unrivalled skills and Christian-themed music. In SMTM9, he returns as a producer and judges alongside DYNAMIC DUO.

6. Hangzoo Was the SMTM6 Winner

The sixth season of SMTM aired in 2017 and featured four producer teams: Zico & Dean, Dynamic Duo’s Choiza & Gaeko, Tiger JK & Bizzy, and Jay Park & Dok2. This season of SMTM was the most popular, with rappers from previous seasons as well as new contestants taking part.

Hangzoo of Rhythm Power won with his producer team of Zico and Dean of FANXYCHILD. Hangzoo is still well-known, and his music is enjoyed by people of all ages. “Promise (from A Drive File 01)” is his most recent track, and it shows a different side of him with sonorous melody and his singing voice.

7. Nafla Was the Winner of SMTM7.

Season 7 was titled “Show Me The Money 777 (also known as Triple 7)” and premiered on September 7, 2018. The show’s seventh season aired this year. Swings and Giriboy, Deepflow and Nucksal, Code Kunst and Paloalto, and The Quiett and Changmo produced the seventh season.

This season’s winner was Nafla and his production team from Team Just Music. Nafla recently released his collaboration song with HYO in 2020, which was a huge success. He’s clearly still on the rise.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Show Me the Money 777?


The seventh season of Show Me the Money, dubbed Show Me the Money 777 (also known as SMTM777), premiered on September 7, 2018, and concluded on November 9, 2018. Mnet broadcasts it every Friday at 23:00 KST.

How Does Show Me the Money Work?

“Show Me the Money” is the title of a Korean TV show that debuted in 2012. The show’s format is somewhat complicated. It begins with an audition process similar to “American Idol” for rappers. The audition winners then collaborate with well-known rappers and producers.

What Season Was Woodz Smtm?

the fifth season

He co-founded his personal production team Team HOW in 2018. Woodz debuted as a solo artist under the stage name Luizy in July 2016, following an appearance on the fifth season of the South Korean rap competition show Show Me the Money, with the release of the collaborative hip-hop single “Recipe.”

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