Ashes of Love Season 2: Release Date Confirmed or Cancelled in 2022!

Ashes of Love is a Chinese television series that debuted in 2018 and is based on Dian Xian’s novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. Deng Lun plays Xu Feng in the lead role, and Yang Zi plays Jin Mi in the supporting role.

The first episode of the series aired on Jiangsu TV on August 2, 2018. In less than 15 minutes after it aired, the first episode of the series received 100 million views. Have trouble getting enough Ashes of Love?

Ashes of Love Season 2

Here’s some good news: the show has been renewed for a second season! There aren’t many details about the project available at this time. Ashes of Love executive producer Liu Ning, on the other hand, has confirmed that season 2 will be shot this year and next.

Will Ashes of Love Returning for a Second Season?

On March 10, Youku and the production team formally confirmed the release of a sequel to “Ashes of Love.” This announcement sparked a lot of excitement among first-season fans. Youku published novel images as well as artwork posters. The novel “Love When the Stars Fall” will be adapted for television.


Story of Ashes of Love

Zifen the Flower Deity dies from her injuries after giving birth to a daughter named Jinmi. She used a horoscope to predict that her daughter would face a major love challenge during the first 10,000 years of her life.

Ashes of Love Season 2

Jinmi is given a magical pellet just before she dies that prevents her from experiencing or expressing passionate love. Jinmi grows up as a low-level immortal in the Flower Realm. Her peaceful existence is upended when she meets Xufeng, the Fire Deity who resides in the Heavenly Realm.

Jinmi meets Xufeng’s half-brother, the Night Deity Runyu, after convincing him to accompany her to the Heavenly Realm. Princess Sui is a close friend of Xufeng’s mother, the Holy Empress. He believes she will marry Xufeng one day.

Jinmi becomes embroiled in a love triangle involving her two older brothers, Xufeng and Runyu, who end up becoming bitter rivals as a result of their involvement in Jinmi and the Holy Empress’s schemes.

Jinmi also discovers that she is a descendant of both the Flower and Water deities. After Jinmi’s father is killed by Xufeng, Runyu tricks her into killing him and coughing up the magical pellet as a result. Xufeng is later reincarnated in the Demon Realm.

Runyu, who has ascended to the throne as Heavenly Emperor and intends to crown Jinmi Holy Empress, is quickly identified as the next Demon King. Sui seduces Xufeng into marrying her after discovering the truth about his reincarnation, but Xufeng eventually defeats her.

In the ultimate showdown, Runyu and Xufeng will face off in a deathmatch. Jinmi eventually sacrifices herself to end the conflict and bring peace to the planet. Following that, Xufeng devotes his life to searching the six kingdoms for the fragments of Jinmi’s soul.

His three-year search comes to an end when he realises Jinmi was actually a teardrop in his eye. Now that he knows Jinmi will reincarnate, Xufeng decides to wait for her. It has been 500 years since time began. Jinmi is reincarnated with her father in the Mortal Realm.

Ashes of Love Season 2

On the day of Jinmi’s wedding, Xufeng reappears as a phoenix, and the two are reunited. They depart. Seven years after Liuying’s arrival, the Demon Realm entered a new era of wealth. Suihe, ravaged by defeat, wanders the Demon Realm’s outskirts.

She threw the ancient Demon King’s sons into the same cave where she had earlier thrown them when she mistook an entrance for the Holy Empress’ throne. As a result, one of the family’s surviving sons devoured her. He appeared to have devoured his sibling.

Runyu is the Heavenly Realm’s Celestial Emperor. Kuanglu, his devoted servant, has been informed. She promises to stick by his side no matter what.

Jinmi and Xufeng are happily married in the Mortal Realm, with a small child who is well-versed in his parents’ history and isn’t afraid to share it with others.

Who Will Be Cast in Season 2?

No, cast members are confirmed because the season for the new instalment has not been confirmed. However, here is the cast of this Chinese drama’s first season. Yang Zi plays Jinmi, and Luo Yunxi plays Runyu (the Night Deity, who is the eldest prince of the Heavenly Realm).

He is a pleasant and quiet individual who will not act until he is certain of the outcome of the situation. He has been plotting to seize the kingdom since the death of his biological mother. In reality, he assumes the form of a dragon.

Ashes of Love Season 2

In this film, Deng Lun plays the role of Xufeng (2nd prince of the Heavenly Realm). Suihe is played by Yifei Wang, Qiyuan is played by Zou Tingwei, and Liuying is played by Liuying.

Season 2 of Ashes of Love Has a Release Date

The second season of The Ashes of Love has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to premiere before the end of 2022. There have been no public announcements from the developers. The second season of Ashes of Love will focus on the children of the first season’s protagonists.

What Happens When Ashes of Love Comes to an End?

Mu Ci’s death effectively ends their relationship. With the silkworms attacking his flesh, Mu Ci decides to request that Xu Feng exterminate them for him using his fire magic. However, his body will deteriorate and he will die as a result of this. He, too, would only live for ten years.

Season 2 Trailer for Ashes of Love

Season 2 has no trailer, so watch the Season 1 trailer of Ashes of Love, which is provided below-


Frequently Asked Questions

In Ashes of Love, Who Is Mr Puchi?

By episode 3, there are hints of a love triangle. Jinmi becomes very ill after consuming something she should not have, and we are properly introduced to Lord Puchi/Yanyou. Puchi (the Snake Deity) is Jinmi’s friend and admirer, but they are never in competition for her heart.

In Ashes of Love, What Happens to the Heavenly Empress?

Jinmi dies of poison shortly after agreeing to be Xu Feng’s queen, thanks to the intervention of the Heavenly Empress (Xu Feng’s mother).

Xu Feng is so upset that he abdicates the throne to a random cousin and, overcome with grief, kills himself Romeo-style in order to be reunited with Jinmi.

Is It Worth Watching Ashes of Love?

Yes, in my opinion, it is a really good romantic drama; if you want to watch it, I can say it is well worth your time. I don’t want to say too much because I might give spoilers during the discussion.

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