Here’s what you do not know about Daniel Radcliffe!

Here’s what you do not know about Daniel Radcliffe!

In 2001, the entire worl waited with great anticipation for the primary Hollywood film adaptation of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. The literary phenomenon enjoyed unprecedented popularity around the world, with fans eagerly awaiting which young actor would embody the title “The Boy Who Lived” and whether he could live up to the big expectations of him. This boy was the then British actor Daniel Radcliffe, aged twelve. 

At an age where passing a test or playing the newest computer game may be a priority for many kids, Radcliffe has risen to the limelight because of the face of 1 of the best movie franchises of all time. For the subsequent 10 years, the budding actor grew up publicly, where all his triumphs and tribulations were seen all the time. 

Despite the defiant nature of fame faced by his tweens, Radcliffe has since established himself together of the foremost successful actors within the world. the person who counted among the most important box office hits in Hollywood history, he also lent his star power to unusual independent projects with aspiring filmmakers. Here are 14 lesser-known facts about Radcliffe that fans should know.

He wasn’t a fan of the books

In the 2000s it had been hard to possess a child who didn’t love the Harry Potter novels. J. K. Rowling’s magical mixture of fantasy, mystery, humor, and faculty mischief captivates children and adults alike. But just when Harry was ready to overcome the Imperius Curse himself, Daniel Radcliffe initially proved to be quite resistant to the charms of the boy wizard saga. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Radcliffe admitted that he had not jumped on the Harry Potter train when the thrill increased. “I only read the primary two and that i wasn’t as excited as everyone else in my class simply because I wasn’t really a reader,” Radcliffe explained. “I thought, oh books, I’m not ready yet.” The young actor’s reservations persisted even after he was cast as Harry in the first film of the series; As “Harry Potter” co-star Emma Watson said (via The Huffington Post), “I like WWF better.”

Fortunately, over time, Radcliffe overcame her inclination and commenced to understand the extent of imagination and creativity with which Rowling had infused her novels when she was within the middle of creating the films. Radcliffe starred in adaptations of all the books within the series and can always be the defining face of Harry for many fans.

He pranked Hagrid on the set

While Radcliffe was a sensible and avid actor from the beginning, but he was also 12 years old and desperately in need of an opportunity from the long and diligence of creating a big-budget movie. consistent with a piece of writing on, Radcliffe once made a joke on set by changing the language setting on Coltrane’s phone to translate the messages into Turkish. 

The prank caused quite an inconvenience to Coltrane, as he was unable to form calls. Finally, it took the assistance of a crewman who knew Turkish to vary the language setting on the phone to English. “I think Daniel was so upset about what happened therein he wrote me this note,” Coltrane recalled. “[It said:]” Dear Mr. Coltrane, I’m sorry I changed your telephone to Turkish …”

And he can rap!

In the books and films, Harry Potter was one of the best seekers that the Quidditch game had ever seen. In the real world, Radcliffe’s talents reside more within the arts than in sports, with a genre that longtime fans won’t expect. 

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Radcliffe revealed that he’s an enormous fan of rap which Eminem’s songs introduced him to the genre. “I’ve always been hooked in to memorizing complicated songs, lyrically complicated and fast,” said the actor, and later admitted that “it may be a disease.” Radcliffe then sang a flawless rendition of rap duo Blackalicious’s hit 1999 saying Alphabet Aerobics.

In case you thought it had been extraordinary, the actor sang and danced to the Broadway hit “How to achieve Business Without Really Trying,” which ultimately earned a Tony nomination. It seems that Draco Malfoy mockingly asked Harry, “Ballet training, Potter?” Radcliffe took the insult seriously and spent subsequent several years learning the way to become a spectacular singer and dancer.


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