Vis a Vis Season 6: Release Date | Cancellation & Renewal Status in 2022!

“Vis A Vis” is another name for “Locked Up.” Globomedia made this Spanish thriller drama. The show has 5 seasons with a total of 40 episodes. Locked Up was shown on Antena 3 on April 20, 2015. In 2018, the network changed its name to Fox Spain.

In 2020, the fifth season, called “Vis a vis: El oasis,” started airing. Netflix bought the rights to the show because it was so well-liked. And Netflix is getting ready for Season 6 of Locked Up.

Is Season 6 of Vis a Vis Coming Back or Not?

A crime-drama series called Locked Up was made by the Spanish TV network Antena 3. The first episode aired on April 20, 2015. But after the second season ended, Fox Spain picked up the show for seasons three and four.


Vis a Vis Season 6

The people who made this comic are Daniel Ecija, Esther Martinez Lobato, Alex Pina, and Ivan Escobar. Netflix bought the rights to stream the series around the world. A lot of people got excited about watching the show.

Some praise has been given to the show’s cast and crew for their work. Vis a vis: El Oasis, which is the first Spanish title for this show, will be the last episode of the series.

In the first season, the main plot was about a young woman who was tricked into stealing money for her lover. She will have to face the hard facts of life and figure out how to get through them on her own.

Vis a Vis Season 6 Plot

Macarena comes to get Zulema when her time is up and takes her home. If you don’t want to know what happened to them and the rest of the cast, you’ll have to watch to find out. In the end, they figure out that the only way to live is to kill and steal from rich people.

Vis a Vis Season 6

People have different thoughts about the spin-off. It was a sad ending for a character that a lot of people had grown to like. During Season 5, Macarena’s relationship with her boss has gotten stronger, and we’ve seen her willing to break the law.

She is no longer in jail, and the story goes on. The first person in the collection is Macarena Ferrero, a small girl with blonde hair who falls in love with her boss. Frauds like these can be done by a woman with this level of intelligence and experience, even in accounting firms.

He’s torn because he’s done a lot of bad things. But while he is in prison, he has to deal with a new place, mental stress, and a group of other inmates who back Zulma’s main enemy. When she gets out of jail, she will be free to go to a vineyard.

The Cast of Season 6 of Vis a Vis

The characters’ traits are the focus of the spin-off.

  • Maggie Civantos is the one who plays Saray Vargas de Jesus.
  • Najwa Nimri as Zahir Alba Flores.
  • Maria Isabel Diaz played the part of Soledad Nunez.
  • Ramiro Blas is the person who plays Carlos Sandoval Castro.
  • Ana Maria played the part of Picchio.

When Season 6 Will Be Out

Period 5 is the name of the spin-off that started this year and is only on Netflix. The 8-episode spin-off was released on Netflix on July 31, and fans can now watch it all at once. In Season 5, which will be available on Netflix on July 31, 2020, they were locked up.

Vis a Vis Season 6

Locked Up Season 6 may be pushed back because of the virus. Also, neither Netflix nor the people who make the show have said for sure that Season 6 will be made. We’re also on the lookout for any rumours that Season 6 will not happen.

Trailer for Season 6 of Vis a Vis

The trailer for season 6 has not come out yet. Below is a link to the trailer for Season 5, which you can watch now:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Locked Up Based on Real Events?

In fact, Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage was originally called They’re Doing My Time, which was also the name of a documentary.

Even though Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage was inspired by the documentary They’re Doing My Time and starts with the standard “Based on a True Story,” it is, in many ways, a typical TV movie from the time.

Vis A Vis was shot in Almería, Andalucía, Spain. Filming also took place in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain.

What Happens When Vis a Vis Is Over?

In the end, the two and their group are able to kill the cartel men, but just as they are about to get into the helicopter to leave, Zulema changes his mind and stays behind to hold the rest of the cartel while Macarena runs away.

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