Criminal Minds: Episodes inspired by real-life stories!

Criminal Minds: Episodes inspired by real-life stories!

If you’ve seen multiple police trials, or if you’ve seen most of them that’s by no means a blow to the genre, but most viewers attend these shows and know what to expect from their crime episodes and mystery stories. However, “Criminal Minds” is an exception to the rule. While the CBS series sticks to familiar rhythms in some ways, the show features a spread of unique characters, creepy sensibilities, and stories that specialize in the psychology behind criminal profiling. 

To the horror of fans of the series, “Criminal Minds” isn’t exactly realistic when it involves portraying criminal profilers within the FBI. However, the creators have incorporated elements of reality into the show’s twisted stories on numerous occasions. a number of the cases on the show have supported the facts of real killers and other criminals, which is pretty scary once you believe it.

The Eyes Have It Episode- Based on a Texan serial killer

Some serial killers wish to collect body parts and keep them as souvenirs. This certainly applies to the despicable villain from the fifth season of the “Criminal Minds” episode “The Eyes Have It”. During this case, BAU’s job is to seek out an Oklahoma murderer who uses surgical instruments to get rid of the eyes of his murder victims. Thanks to his crimes, the media dubbed him “The Eye Thief.” 

This might sound just like the plot of a horror movie, but the plot has supported the exploits of an unknown criminal named Charles Albright, aka “The Eyeball Killer,” who wreaked havoc in Dallas within the 1990s. As Oxygen points out, he was an amateur carpenter who murdered a minimum of three women before being sentenced to life in prison in 1991. However, because the report notes, the evidence against Albright was circumstantial. 

This factor, alongside his refusal to admit any wrongdoing, has led some people to believe that the important killer remains out there.

Hostage chronicles Episode- Based on a disturbing kidnapping case

“Criminal Minds” is cruel at the best, but season 11 “Hostage” is that the next level when it involves disturbing content. Ultimately, the episode revolves around a girl who, after years in prison, escapes from the house of a kidnapper alongside two other women. The very fact that it’s supported true events makes the story even more intimidating. 

“Hostage” bears troubling similarities to the 2013 headline of the Ariel Castro case. Consistent with the biography, Castro, aka “The Cleveland Monster,” kidnapped Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Georgina DeJesus for years between 2002 and 2004 and caught their home. He was eventually captured and sentenced to a life of 1,000 years. The episode generally portrays the events in a similar thanks to real life, but some changes are made that were unpopular with the most base of the show. Together Reddit users noted, it “went too far for the impact score” and “didn’t concentrate to detail.”

The Perfect Storm Episode- Inspired from the Ken and Barbie Killers

Here’s another one that should not be seen with a queasy stomach. This episode of the second season revolves around a pair of murderers who blow their socks recording their crimes and sharing the pictures with the families of the victims. Unfortunately, the story isn’t entirely the merchandise of the twisted imagination of a talented writer. 

The grueling duo of “The Perfect Storm” was directly inspired by Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, collectively referred to as “Ken and Barbie Killers”. Consistent with Film Daily, Homolka and Bernardo was a young Canadian couple who were filmed assaulting and murdering teenagers, including Homolka’s younger sister. The couple separated in 1993 and Homolka testified against her husband in an effort to succeed in an agreement with prosecutors. 

She was released from prison in 2005. Meanwhile, Bernardo has been sentenced to life in prison and in 2018 one of the parole requests was denied.


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