Colin Black and White Season 2: Release Date | Renewed or Cancelled?

Colin in Black & White is the name of a new documentary series that just got its first episode on Netflix. The show is based on Colin Kaepernick’s life as a football player in the NFL.

Kaepernick narrates the movie, and he and Ava DuVernay, who was a quarterback in the NFL herself, worked together to make it.

Colin Black and White Season 2

The show starts when the famous actor was a teenager and shows what happened in his life before he decided to become an activist. The actor decided to become an activist because of these things.

Will Colin in Black and White Have a Second Season?

When Netflix first said that Colin in Black and White would be coming out, people were very excited. The show tells dramatic stories and gives information about Colin Kaepernick’s formative years as an NFL player. The director of the show, Ava Duvernay, wanted it to be a limited series at first.


Netflix has confirmed this, which makes it less likely that there will be a second season. Since the show was about Kaepernick when he was a teenager, and Jaden Michael plays him, there are only so many ways to tell his story.

Still, the show’s main idea is to show the real-life events that led the star to become an activist. Since the now-iconic thing he did in 2016, Kaepernick has stopped playing football and is now a leader in Black activism.

Colin Black and White Season 2

Even though Kaepernick still trains in case he wants to play again, his main goal right now is to work for racial equality.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, the show could continue to look at Kaepernick’s life from when he was a teenager until 2016. This would likely depend on DuVernay’s choice since she is the main person in charge of the show.

Ava Duvernay’s Statement

DuVernay told the Los Angeles Times that Kaepernick was mostly in charge of how his story was told, and she also told the paper where the story was meant to end.

“He had a very clear idea that he wanted it to stay in the land of young adults and not go past high school,” the reporter said. DuVernay is also working on two other projects: DMZ and Battle of Versailles. This means that the director’s schedule is already full.

Season 2 Cast of Colin Black and White

  • Colin Kaepernick tells the story (Voice)
  • Jaden Michael plays Colin Kaepernick.
  • Mary-Louise Parker played the role of Teresa Kaepernick.
  • Nick Offerman played the role of Rick Kaepernick.


Based on the reviews of 25 different critics, the website Rotten Tomatoes says that 80 per cent of people liked the movie and that it got an average score of 6.9/10.

“Black & White’s clumsy style fails the foundations of narrative, but this hybrid series scores a touchdown in delivering Colin Kaepernick’s reality,” is how most of the website’s reviewers put it.

Colin Black and White Season 2

Metacritic uses a weighted average to figure out scores, and a score of 70 out of 100 means that “generally good reviews” have been given. This number is based on what 17 critics have said about the movie.

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly gave the show a B and called it “an inconsistent but ultimately enlightening picture of the young athlete coming of age as a mixed-race boy growing up in a mostly white society.”

When Will Season 2 of Colin in Black and White Be on Netflix?

Colin Kaepernick’s life from childhood to adulthood is shown in the film Colin in Black & White. Fans of Kaepernick may have to wait a long time for the show’s idea makers to tell more of his story, but they may. Since Netflix has said that a second season is unlikely, it’s less likely to happen.

Because Kaepernick is being played by a young teen, Jaden Michael, not much can be shown about his early life. Most of the time, the show is based on real-life events that led the famous person to become an activist.

Since the public learned about his now-iconic kneeling protest in 2016, Kaepernick has moved away from football and toward Black activism.

The show is likely to be renewed. It will follow Kaepernick’s life from when he was a teenager until his death in 2016. Even with all of his training, Kaepernick’s main goal is to fight for equal rights for all people of color, no matter where they are from or what race they are.

Colin Black and White Season 2

It makes sense to think that DuVernay, who is the main creator of the show, was behind this decision. DuVernay is now working on not just one but two separate projects at once.

Specials on TV about science fiction DMZ is shown in the first episode of the series, which is about a future American civil war. Season two of DMZ, which is now being filmed, might be able to fit into Aimee DuVernay’s schedule.

Season 1 of “Colin in Black and White” in Brief

The first season of Netflix, which has six episodes, started on October 29, 2021. Each episode is between 27 and 35 minutes long.

For your convenience, we’ve put all of the following episodes in alphabetical order:

  • Cornrows- Episode 1
  • Episode 2- The quarterback takes the field
  • Episode 3- Road Trip.
  • Episode 4 – “The Decision.”
  • Crystal-Episode 5


Even though there is no official trailer for season 2, the official trailer for season 1 may give you an idea of what to expect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick has signed a six-year contract extension that will keep him in San Francisco until 2020.

Where Did They Shoot the Movie, Colin?

Colin was filmed in a place in New York called the “gallery.” It was this environment that gave him a window into his life and a chance to see these inserts made by Elastic.

What Does Colin in Black and White Try to Do?

The show focuses on Colin’s strength and determination to prove his doubters wrong. This shows how he stayed focused on his own goals despite a lot of pressure from the outside, but it doesn’t really show what his goals are.

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