Supernanny Season 7: Everything You Need to Know About This Show!

Supernanny is an American reality TV show about parents who are having trouble with things like their kids’ behavior, mealtimes, potty training, and so on. The show, which stars professional babysitter Jo Frost, is based on a British show with the same name (also featuring Jo Frost).

Frost spends each episode helping a family whose parents are having trouble taking care of their kids. She shows the parents other ways to discipline their kids and get their homes back in order by teaching them and watching them.

Supernanny Season 7

Frost believes that the “naughty chair” is the best way to discipline kids, and he is totally against physical punishment. From January 17, 2005, to March 18, 2011, it was on ABC. A spin-off of the show, called America’s Supernanny, was made.

On March 27, 2019, it was announced that Supernanny would be back for a 20-episode season that would start on Lifetime on January 1, 2020, with Frost as the host again. On July 20, 2020, E4 started showing the first 10 episodes of the season. The last set of episodes started airing on March 5, 2021.


After the title segment, Frost is seen riding in a London TXII with the vanity plate “Supernanny,” where she shows a DVD player with the family’s submission video. The submission video shows the parent, children, and their ages.


In some cases, it also shows other important family members, single parents, the parents’ jobs (including if one parent stays at home with the children), and the specific problems the family is facing with clips.

Supernanny Season 7

The video ends with a plea for help and Frost’s promise that she’s “on her way!”Frost spends the first day watching and making mental notes to figure out what’s going on and how to act.

If a situation is very bad, she will bring it up so that something can be done right away. After the first day, she meets with the parents and shows clips of how they reacted. She compliments the family on how beautiful their children are and then talks about the problems she saw.

In earlier episodes, the meeting happened at the end of the first day, but in later ones, it happens the next day. Frost then comes back with tools to help the parents raise their children.

For example, if she finds that the kids are acting up because they don’t have enough planned activities with their parents, she will bring in a set schedule that fits the needs of the family. She comes up with “house rules” for the family all the time.

Frost sometimes comes up with the rules herself, and other times she gives the family a blank sheet of paper and lets them make them up.

Supernanny Season 7

On the show, discipline (Frost doesn’t like spanking as a method, so she teaches the family about the “naughty chair/step” timeout) and getting kids to sleep in separate rooms come up often.

Frost leaves the house after a while to let the family do what she told them on their own. The parents’ actions are still being filmed, and when Frost gets back, she calls another meeting of the parents to tell them what they did well and/or what they did wrong. She then gives support when it’s needed.

How Many Episodes Are in Season 7 of Supernanny?

There are 15 episodes in the season.

  • S7E1- Atkinson Family Episodes
  • S7E2- Peterfreund Family
  • S7E3- Family Swift
  • S7E4- Young Family
  • S7E5- Van Acker Family
  • S7E6- Fernandez Family
  • S7E7- George Family
  • S7E8- Miller Family
  • S7E9- The Family Colombo
  • S7E10- Potter Family
  • S7E11- The Merrills
  • S7E12- Demott Family
  • S7E13- Froebrich Family
  • S7E14- Federico Family
  • S7E15- Family Evans

Jo Frost Met, Her Husband Through ‘Supernanny’

Joanne “Jo” Frost, who is from England and has a TV show called “Supernanny,” has been helping parents with their children’s behavior problems for more than ten years.

Supernanny Season 7

Starting in 2004, the show ran for four years in the UK, and from 2005 to 2011, it was shown in the US. Even though she did other shows after Supernanny, her big comeback to primetime TV was when the show was brought back in 2020 for Lifetime in the United States.

Jo Frost lives in California with her longtime partner when she’s not helping her clients understand their children. Jo Frost has a husband, right? Read on to learn more about her life outside of work.



Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Supernanny 2021?

Frost’s hands-on parenting show, Supernanny, started in the UK in 2004 and quickly became a huge hit.

Frost is 49 years old. Since then, she’s had a successful career giving parents advice and practical help all over the world. This has helped her earn about $8 million. Frost has written six books in the last 15 years about how to be a good parent.

Does Jo Frost have kids?

Jo’s job has a lot to do with kids, but she and Darrin don’t have any kids together. She told Entertainment Tonight that she was more likely to adopt children than to have her own.

She said, “I work a lot with families who adopt children, and I’m very interested in adoption.” “There are a lot of children who need loving homes. So I would definitely think about adopting. I don’t think I have to give birth to a child to love and care for them as a mother.

Where can I find all of Supernanny’s seasons?

You can see Supernanny on HBO Max, Lifetime, and Hulu Plus.

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