Wentworth Season 10: Release Date, Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!

Wentworth is one of the most successful shows in Australian television history. The show aired 100 episodes over the course of eight seasons. Will there be a tenth season of Wentworth? Fans are naturally more excited to see the tenth season.

However, the chances are slim to none. Consider how fans are clamoring for season ten if season nine has yet to be released. After season 7, Wentworth announced that the eighth season would be split into two parts.

Wentworth Season 10

Furthermore, the second half of the eighth season is referred to as the ninth season. Wentworth is a television drama series. The show will most likely be based on the film “Prisoner.” The Prisoner is an old television show that ran from 1979 to 1986.

The show focuses on the main character and her survival in prison. Wentworth is now available in all regions following Season 9 (eight seasons, two parts). Unfortunately, after 100 episodes, there may be fewer opportunities to see another season. However, we will keep you updated as soon as we receive word from the show’s producers.

Wentworth Season 10 Storyline

Season 10 of Wentworth will not be shot. As a result, there is no chance of seeing any of the cast members return to the stage. However, if the show includes a reunion segment, it may warm the hearts of the fans. The show ended on October 26, 2021.


Wentworth Season 10

In the previous episode, we all saw some happy endings with peaceful conclusions. We saw in the previous episode how the prisoners were attempting to find safety. The final episode of the ninth season received 9.4 stars out of 10. It felt like the final scene of the most dramatic Australian show.

Wentworth Cast

According to some fans and Internet speculation, there are still a few chances for season ten to be renewed. However, we cannot expect anything from the unofficial discussions.
Here’s what we think the Wentworth season ten Cast will do:

  • Kate Atkinson will continue to play Vera Bennett.
  • Robbie Magasiva will continue to play Will Jackson.
  • Katrina Milosevic will play Sue Jenkins.
  • Jacqueline Brennan will continue to play Linda Miles.

If the show is renewed for a tenth season, we may see some new characters. Furthermore, the Cast could expand to make the show more unique and exciting with plot twists.

Wentworth Season 10 Premiere Date

Season nine’s final episode aired on October 26, 2021. However, it has been seven months and there has been no update on the Wentworth Season 10 release date. If there are still any chances, which we honestly believe are slim, the show could be released by the end of the year.

We have no information about Wentworth season 10. Officials have yet to discuss a renewal, and no show’s cast statement has clarified the arrival of season ten. However, we will keep you updated on anything related to this show.

How Many Seasons of Wentworth Are There?

This is a tricky question. The series technically has eight seasons. The eighth season has a total of 20 episodes, but it is divided into two parts. Both parts have ten episodes each. However, if you’re watching the prison drama series on Netflix US, there are nine seasons in total.

Wentworth Season 10

For some strange reason, Netflix divided the eighth season episode count by putting the first ten episodes in the eighth season and the last ten episodes in the ninth season. I’m aware… It’s perplexing.

Wentworth’s Finale

Before we wrap up this article, let’s go over what happened at the end of the series. The final episode begins with Lou still plotting her escape from prison. Ferguson overhears them and informs Rita. Rita confronts Lou, and the confrontation quickly escalates into a brutal brawl.

During the scuffle, Lou’s phone falls out of his pocket, revealing the recordings. Rita tries to persuade Lou not to place the explosives in the slot, but Lou is adamant. Ann arranges a fictitious transfer to the courthouse for her. Ann boasts that she already knows everything.

A bomb goes off outside the prison, destroying the majority of the unit. Rita, Lou, Ruby, and Boomer are all able to flee the scene. Allie, on the other hand, is still buried beneath the rubble. She tries to find the phone.

When Vera regains consciousness, her impaled remains are discovered among the rubble. Ann was aware of the attack and had planned Judy’s murder. Ann strangles Vera. Ferguson saves Vera by yanking Ann off her and snapping her neck, killing her instantly.

Wentworth Season 10

Ferguson transports Vera from the prison to safety. She tells Vera outside that she rescued her so Grace would not be without a mother. Vera expresses her gratitude. Ferguson then turns away and walks into the darkness.

Jake and Will are relieved when Linda declares her missing, believing she is dead, but Vera remains silent. Lou tries to sneak through the boundary gates, but Rita catches him. She has been apprehended and charged with the crimes she committed.

Allie is being transported to safety. As Rita, Ruby, and Boomer greet her, Allie announces that she was able to retrieve the phone for Rita and Ruby, thereby establishing their innocence.

They’re all overjoyed, and the show ended on a high note. We understand how disappointing it is that such an incredible series has come to an end. It can’t hurt to watch the show again, right? Please let us know if the series’ conclusion satisfies you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Franky in Wentworth Season 9?

The majority of the cast members will appear in Wentworth season 9 episode 6. Nicole da Silva plays Franky Doyle, Kris McQuade plays Jacs Holt, Libby Tanner plays Bridget Westfall, Leeanna Walsman plays Erica Davidson, Celia Ireland plays Elizabeth Birdsworth, and Shareen Clanton plays Doreen Anderson.

Is Wentworth Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Wentworth’ is not based primarily on a true story. It gets its inspiration from ‘Prisoner,’ Reg Watson’s classic Eighties cult traditional cleaning soap opera about feisty and troubled women behind bars. ‘Prisoner’ aired for eight seasons between 1979 and 1986.

Wentworth season 9 is coming to Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021. You will be able to watch all nine seasons of the hit TV series on Netflix on that day.

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