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The Most Anticipated Movies of the First Half of 2022

The Most Anticipated Movies of the First Half of 2022

The first part of 2022 will be very hot due to a large number of action movies. The fact is that Hollywood directors were forced to postpone releases due to the pandemic partially. As a result, fans of the cinema will have a lot of entertainment. Here are the most anticipated movies of the first half of 2022. Naturally, you will want to visit the cinema during the premiere.

Mission: Impossible 7 (May 27)

Tom Cruise has long since confirmed his reputation as a tough guy who can save the world a second before a disaster. As you can imagine, Mission: Impossible 7 is the seventh film that millions of people worldwide are waiting for. This time Tom Cruise got the right to adjust the filming process and even became a producer. Despite a large number of force majeure and delays, the film will be released in 2022.

If you have not yet seen how Ethan Hunt saves the Earth, you need to start with the first film and familiarize yourself with the entire franchise. But what if you’re a student and don’t have a lot of free time? How about reading a StudyBay review and looking for a good writing service? Then you can free up some time and learn more about Mission: Impossible 7.

Indiana Jones 5 (July 29)

Harrison Ford is no longer a young man, considering that more than ten years have passed since the release of the previous movie. Nevertheless, the fifth part will be larger and more epic. The director and writer promise that viewers have yet to see Indiana Jones in the upcoming role.

In addition to interesting plot twists, the director promises improved special effects and an excellent cast. It’s worth noting that Harrison Ford performed half of the stunts on his own, despite his old age. This action movie is worth watching, even for those who have not seen the previous parts of this franchise. The fifth movie will likely be the last for the main actor, so you should not miss this premiere.

The Batman (March 4)

Over the decades, Batman has been perceived as slightly comical in most films. Part of the problem was the ridiculous costume and poor graphics. Thanks to Christopher Nolan, Batman came to be perceived as a dark knight. Matt Reeves’ new film is aimed at noir and detective stories. Plus, Batman fans will see the protagonist as a person steeped in doubts and using brute force to achieve results. The dense and slightly depressing atmosphere will convey the state of the people in Gotham City. If you want to look at Batman from a different angle, you should visit the cinema next year.

John Wick: Chapter 4 (May 27)

Millions of people have come to love the John Wick franchise because of its touching story of revenge and love. However, the main reason to watch this film is the incredible fights and shootings. In part, this movie franchise became popular because of Keanu Reeves, who mastered shooting and hand-to-hand combat to perfection.

Despite the relative simplicity of the plot, this film is prized for its incredible charisma and action scenes. It would help if you looked at the new part to see what Derek Kolstad has created this time. According to the backstory, this time, John Wick will be involved in a serious confrontation, and only the help of friends will allow him to fight enemies.

Thor: Love And Thunder (May 6)

Taika Waititi’s second Thor movie will be no less spectacular and fun than the first part. The director promises that the god of thunder will have to confront strong opponents this time, and the result will be unpredictable. However, viewers should expect funny moments as well as references to other Marvel films. So this is why fans of the franchise should not miss the premiere of Thor: Love And Thunder. It is worth noting that the new film will focus on the love line between Thor and Jane Foster. In a way, the audience is waiting for a mix of action, comedy, and melodrama.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (July 8)

Even though Chadwick Boseman unexpectedly passed away in 2020, the new film about Wakanda will be available in theaters in 2022. It is currently unknown who will replace the protagonist. Rumor has it that the director wants to use CGI or a similar actor. However, the plot is not fully known, so anyone can play the role of Black Panther. For a comic book fan, the second part means a lot, as it will allow anyone to learn more about who will rule the country and what decisions will be made to achieve peace and prosperity.

Final Words

As you can see, the first half of 2022 is going to be very hot. Action movie fans will be thrilled. All you need to do is memorize the schedule and visit the cinema on the premiere day. All films will have a lot of plot twists and great CGI graphics. It is best if you choose a 3D cinema to enjoy good battle scenes and great sound effects.

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