Blue Period on Netflix: When is the official release date?

Blue Period on Netflix: When is the official release date?

The Blue Period is one of the best Japanese anime, whose story is taken from a manga comic. It has gotten an amazing response from the people of Japan. It was written by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It belongs to the genus Coming of Age. The production company has been in talks with Netflix for a long time, and they have now confirmed that an agreement has been signed between them and Netflix. The anime should now appear on Netflix. Now everyone could watch this show at home.

Anime release date

Now, after the signing of the agreement between the producer and Netflix, it was mutually agreed to start the series on October 9, 2021. All anime fans in the world are desperately waiting for this series to launch on Netflix. According to our sources, the episodes would be released weekly on Netflix.

Cast for the anime

First of all, is it important to know who the directors of this series are? Well, the director of this anime is a household name in Japanese families. The director is none other than the most famous couple, Katsuya Asano and Koji Masunari. Everyone loved his previous work and are ready to see his new series too. Other than that, one of the main cast members is the talented Yumiri Hanamori. Hiromu Mineta also appears only with her in this series. Ippei Inoue gave music to this series.

Plot for the anime

This anime tells a story that defines us all. The story revolves around a man named Yatora Yaguchi. He is a crafty student. He did very well in his studies and was always first in his class in exams. But that doesn’t make him happy. Deep down he felt completely empty and had no feelings. So he decided to try different things and stick with what would make him happy inside. 

One fine day he liked a painting that was hanging in front of the art room of his school. He was so intrigued that he thought about trying the color. Later in the story, he befriended a fellow painter. This friend of hers was excellent at painting and everything. So the two decided to join the art association. They dreamed of graduating from the University of Tokyo with an art degree. What do you think of how far their friendship will go?

What should you remember before watching this?

It is one of the best shows to watch as it symbolizes a student’s life and how they fight adversity and find the reason for their inner happiness. That being said, we all know how good Japanese anime is. So it is a must for everyone as we have all been college students at some point in life and were quite confused about what to do in life.


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