Homeland Season 8 Episode 11: What Happened and How It Sets Up the Series Finale?

After Season 8, Episode 11, fans of the Showtime drama will know precisely what to expect from the series finale of Homeland.

In Episode 11, titled “The English Teacher,” Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) is still searching for the flight recorder that proves that mechanical error, not the Taliban, is responsible for President Warner’s death (Beau Bridges). Carrie must murder her mentor, Saul Berenson, as instructed by Yevgeny Gromov (Costa Ronin), in order to obtain the money (Mandy Patinkin).

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In the eighth season, episode eleven of Homeland, it is confirmed that Saul has a double agent within the Russian government. In an ’80s Berlin flashback, young Saul (Ben Savage) encounters this agent. The agent appears to be a translator for the director of Russian intelligence and leaves messages for Saul in minute writing on the spines of books in the present day.

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As the show approaches its conclusion, these flashbacks finally provide more information about Saul’s past. We learn that he began to rise through the ranks of intelligence as a result of the intelligence he received from his Russian agent. She relayed information regarding the cover-up at Chornobyl, Gorbachev’s willingness to make a deal with the west, and Russia’s plans to annex Crimea.

Carrie Mathison faced the possibility that she may have to kill Saul to save herself and avert a war in ‘Homeland’ Season 8, Episode 11.

In the second-to-last episode of Homeland, Yevgeny proposes a deal to Carrie. If she can find the name of this Russian agent, he will reveal the location of the flight recorder, absolving her of the numerous charges she is facing for the death of President Warner.

When Carrie informs him at the conclusion of “The English Teacher” that she does not have the name, he offers her an alternative. Carrie can kill Saul so she can become the agent’s handler and “neutralize” her.

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Carrie believes this may have been Yevgeny’s intention from the beginning. She informs him, “You f****** knew it would come to this,” to which he responds, “I hoped you’d find another way, but as you’ve started, you’ve exhausted all options. What remains? … Kill Saul.”

This seems to indicate that the series finale will feature a final confrontation between Carrie and her mentor, a confrontation that may have been inevitable for several seasons. Although this could be the show’s latest hoax, it would certainly bring the series full circle just before its conclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there going to be the ninth season of Homeland?

Netflix has licensed Season 9 of Homeland, but the show’s star, Claire Danes, has left the show. The network announced a few months ago that it would not renew “Homeland,” so Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon haven’t communicated with fans since then. 07-Apr-2022

Where can I watch Homeland Season 8?

Homeland season 8 is the final installment of the long-running series, which premiered in 2010. Showtime produced the series, which consists of 12 episodes. Showtime is currently available for free with any Sling TV subscription, and you can watch every Homeland episode ever made on-demand. 16-May-2020

Will Brody return for Season 8 of Homeland?

Showrunner Alex Gansa confirmed Brody was dead and would not return to the show. He revealed that the soldier-turned-terrorist was supposed to die at the end of season one, but Damian Lewis’ Emmy-winning performance persuaded producers to keep him alive. 01-Mar-2020.


If Carrie does not accept the deal, the show’s finale could be very depressing, with Carrie facing life in prison for a nonexistent presidential assassination. If she is unable to demonstrate that the Taliban had nothing to do with the death, it is highly likely that an unjustified war will break out between the United States and Pakistan, and Homeland will end on a note of global catastrophe.

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