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Wanted Season 4 Release Date: Is Netflix Confirmed the Release of Wanted Season 4?

Wanted Season 4 Release Date

Are you anticipating the release of the Wanted season 4 on Netflix? The majority of viewers gave the first season of the show excellent marks, however, a minority number of people also had opposing opinions.

The decision was made to move forward with the second and subsequently third seasons. The fourth episode of the series is currently being anticipated by devoted viewers.

However, there doesn’t appear to be any new information on the progress of Wanted 4, which upsets the fans. In order to dispel the show rumours, we have gathered material from a variety of sources.

As a result, we have provided some intriguing and real updates on the development of Wanted 4. Check out the latest updates of Wanted Season 4 and subsequent updates.

About: Wanted Season 4

Wanted is an Australian entertainment show that follows two foreigners who take part in a dangerous car robbery and are chased by national police to flee. Two completely different women are forced to depend on each other completely and exclusively for their own survival.

Created by Matchbox Pictures and RandR Creations, Wanted was published by General Media Studios Worldwide and was initially assigned to Seven Organizations. Directed by Rebecca Gibney and Richard Chime, Wanted is a well-composed, seriously executed chase drama with many twists. 

On February 9, 2016, there were six scenes in the main season, premiered by the Australian Seven Organization. It drew attention with a rational sense to the lives of two individuals who were just trying to grasp today and deal with the curves that fate throws in their direction.

As the story unfolds over three seasons, Laura and Chelsea develop a cross-relationship between Therma, Louise, and Criminal, each proceeding in their own way. 

Who Will Be in the Cast of Wanted Season 4?

The possibility of a second season of the show exists, but what about the actors? On the other side, other viewers are excited to see the original cast come back together. We could notice the following:

Wanted Season 4: Expected Plot

At the beginning of season 3, Lola and Chelsea have released from prison thanks to witnessing protection programmes. But soon after, the detective began pursuing both women in an effort to discover the truth.

So, in order to protect themselves from danger, both women were forced to run again. They came across a hazardous human trafficking organisation. Now, both women have made the decision to put their lives in danger in order to defend and save individuals from kidnappers.

This is where the fourth season’s plot is anticipated to begin, with Lola and Chelsea defending and rescuing people. To keep the audience interested, there can be a few surprises. But will the detective track down both of them?

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The detective has been pursuing Lola and Chelsea in the hopes that he will discover them and prevent a catastrophe for all of them. Nothing is official yet, so those interested in learning more about season 4 should be sure to wait patiently.

Wanted Season 4: Release date

It’s been years since the third season and there is no news of a fourth season of Wanted. There is no official news about the Wanted Season 4 release date.

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So we can’t say anything at the moment. If the show isn’t cancelled then we can expect the show to premiere around the end of 2022 or in early 2023 since the shooting and post-production can take at least a year.

Wanted Season 4: Trailer 

As we know there is no official announcement on Wanted Season 4. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for Wanted season 3 below.


The Popular Netflix series Wanted was created originally in Australia. Two strangers who are kidnapped and later forced to flee the national police are the subject of the life-threatening journey that forms the core of the television series.

Although the audience originally enjoyed the series, as the plot developed—particularly near the end of the third part—it grew tedious.

The series’ devoted followers are currently eagerly awaiting the release of the next instalment, but given how poorly the last one was received overall, it may never happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Wanted Season 4?

The Seven Organization’s 2016 debut of Wanted on Australian TV was a big hit. After that, Netflix snatched it up right away, giving it access to a larger audience. If you have access to a premium membership, you can watch all three seasons of the show on Netflix and other associated services like Amazon Prime Video. 

Does Wanted have a season 4?

Sadly, there is currently no hope for Wanted 4 to happen. The show’s creators don’t seem keen on renewing it after season three’s flop.

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