Grey Anatomy Season 18: What Might Happen in the Final Episode?

There have been some unnerving parties at Meredith’s house over the years on Grey’s Anatomy. While Callie invited Penny — the woman Meredith blamed for Derek’s death — as her date didn’t quite reach that level of disaster, Nick sure did get grilled by all of our favorite doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

What Might Happen in the Final Episode?

This season, our hopes are pinned on Kai and Amelia, as well as the possibility of Kai relocating to Seattle. As a matter of fact, we’d want to see E.R. Fightmaster gain promotion to the main cast.

As of now, they are living together as a family with their two young sons and daughters. Isn’t it time to make this official?

Grey Anatomy Season 18

After spending most of Season 17 in a COVID-19 coma and being visited by the ghosts of those she loved, Meredith Grey has had a relatively calm season. There, she’s working on a cure for Parkinson’s disease, as said. Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is providing financial support for the endeavor.

This season, let’s go all the way and hope that Meredith is able to cure Parkinson’s in order to win a second Harper Avery Award.

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Will Meredith End Up Leaving Seattle?

The Season 18 finale of Grey’s Anatomy will focus on a critical blood shortage at Grey Sloan Memorial, which is only fitting. There is no denying that “Meredith and Bailey and Richard and Owen” constitute Grey’s Anatomy’s “lifeblood,” as the show’s showrunner Krista Vernoff puts it.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is preparing to go to Minnesota to join her lover Nick (Scott Speedman) and take on a prestigious Parkinson’s research position in the second of two episodes, the series 400th.

Grey Anatomy Season 18

But before that, she’s on a blood shortage-related case. Her future is left hanging in the balance.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Webber (James Pickens Jr.), whose failing teaching style started the program’s slide, are both anxious about the program’s uncertain future. According to Vernoff, their battles come to a “surprising finish”. With his assistance in a dying veteran’s suicide, Owen (Kevin McKidd) stands to lose the most.

Will Amelia and Kai Break Up in the Final Episode?

Amelia and Kai learned that they may not be on the same page about family after spending the night caring for Scout and Meredith’s three children, as the Minnesota neurologist indicated they didn’t want kids, and they weren’t going to change their minds.

Kai and Amelia both felt that things were going well between them, but neither of them wanted to mislead the other.

Grey Anatomy Season 18

Despite the fact that they haven’t officially split, it doesn’t look good for them. With Amelia in Seattle and Kai in Minnesota, the brainy combo was already battling an uphill battle.

Kai remarked that it was evident that Amelia was more than simply an aunt to Zola, Bailey, and Ellis, and this was not something that Kai had planned for their own lives.

In the season finale, we’ll see if they break up or not.

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Is Season 18 the Last Season of Grey Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy viewers don’t need to worry about the show’s future, despite all the rumors and conjecture. The show has been renewed for Season 19, which will broadcast in the fall of 2022 (the precise date will be confirmed later this year).

It’s possible that Season 19 will pick up where Season 18 left off, despite the departure of some cast members (such as Richard Flood as Cormac Hayes). Viewers eagerly await Kate Walsh’s return to the show as Dr. Addison Montgomery, and some speculate that Meredith and Nick may get married.

Season 18 has made significant progress, which could lead to a satisfactory conclusion. Although Pompeo is willing to continue playing Meredith on the show, there are many reasons for the show’s continuation.

Grey Anatomy Season 18

Grey Anatomy Season 18 Finale: Release Date

A two-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy has been confirmed by ABC, with the final two episodes of the season running back-to-back.

‘Out for Blood’ is the title of the 20th episode of Season 18, which airs at 8 pm EDT on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Season 18, Episode 21, “You Are the Blood,” will air at 9 p.m.

Fans will have plenty of time to speculate until Season 18 concludes because the network hasn’t revealed anything about the final episodes other than their titles.

The release date of previous seasons is as follows:

Grey Anatomy Season 15: September 27, 2018

Grey Anatomy Season 16: September 26, 2019

Grey Anatomy Season 17: November 12, 2020

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Grey Anatomy Season 18: Trailer

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