Wizard of Oz remake ‘Rainbow’: Everything we know so far!

Wizard of Oz remake ‘Rainbow’: Everything we know so far!

There is a Spanish remake of the Wizard of Oz “Rainbow”. Netflix has partnered with Mediaset Espana’s Telecinco Cinema to produce the latest version of The Wizard of Oz. Paco Leon is known as a famous actor, director, and writer. He is directing the next movie. Leon is best known for projects such as Arde, Madrid, and Kiki. There are many Spanish history programs on this platform, Money Heist, Elite, and other programs are recognized daily on the platform.

Comments on the next project “Rainbow”: 

“This film, ritten in my forties, is the next step and huge one at that of my directorial career, so do take a look at how it will turn out to be. I’m scared and very excited. It’s a bigger movie than the previous ones, not only in terms of budget but also in terms of the complexity of the production process and the number of weeks it takes to produce. But what really impresses me is the number of acclaimed artists involved in the production, including the main cast, supporting characters, and all kinds of collaborations.”

Plot of Rainbow

Netflix’s Rainbow is a modern series based on L. Frank Baum’s classic story, The Wizard of Oz, which has been recreated and adapted countless times since its initial release in 1900. This film recounts the journey of a modern young girl Dorothy on her journey. The film deals with important aspects of contemporary culture, such as dance, fashion, visual arts, and especially music.

The cast of the movie

17-year-old Spanish singer Dora Postigo becomes Rainbow’s “modern” Dorothy. 

The movie involves Carmen Maura of Volver, Luis Bermejo from Magical Girl, Ayaks Pedrosa from Sky High, Carmina Barrios from Carmina au Levienta, Hobik Kufkerian, Wekaforet Samantha Hudson, music designer Gibril Veneno, Solaya Yasmine, and finally Carmen Machi of The Bar.

Release date of the movie

There is currently no news on the release date of The Wizard of Oz Remake. However, sources say the film will begin filming in August 2021. The film will open in mid-2022. 

Telecinco Cinema CEO Ghislain Barrios also shared his thoughts on the next film.

“We were immediately excited when Paco shared this new adventure with us. Of course, we had no choice but to embark on this journey of great talent. Paco has a very personal vision. Being a unique writer with, only he was able to create a project like this. The film Telecinco Cinema and Mediaset Espana faces enthusiastically!”

Production status

Rainbow is currently being filmed in Madrid, Spain. That’s the state in August 2021. Other filming locations will be Guadalajara, Segovia, Alicante, and Toledo. This will continue until the end of September.


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