Steve Carell: What He Do Before ‘The Office’?

Steve Carell: What He Do Before 'The Office'?

The star who played Michael Scott in seven seasons was lucky to hit the mark with comedy.

“The Office” first hit television screens in 2005, and against initial forecasts, it managed to become a true phenomenon. Probably much of its success lies in the talent and diversity of its cast. Still, no fan of the series could deny that Steve Carell’s unforgettable Michael Scott takes another percentage.

During the seven seasons that the Oscar-nominated actor spearheaded the NBC sitcom, the title won thousands of fans worldwide and received critical acclaim. While before the series Carell had made his footsteps in hit movies like “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “Bruce Almighty,” it was undoubtedly his stint at Dunder Mifflin that made him a familiar face.

However, the story was quite different when it was just beginning. Like all actors, while taking their first steps in the industry, Steve Carell had to find a way to pay the bills, and it was not always as easy as comedy.

Before Carell joined the paper world creating Greg Daniels, he worked as a postman in a rural area to save money to move to Chicago to train at the famous Second City improv company. 

But according to the star’s account, he has not done well at all. The actor has called his casting days the “hardest job” he’s ever had. Speaking to 60 Minutes in 2014, he acknowledged: “It was fatal, I was doing very badly.”

“The first day I delivered the mail, they had to go out looking for me because it was about nine o’clock at night, and I hadn’t come back. My tire got a flat tire, so the Littleton Postmaster came out with a flashlight to look for me. the night,” added Steve Carell.

NBC Wants To Revive “The Office.”

Although fans of the series might not agree with this initiative, it recently emerged that NBC intends to relaunch “The Office.” Although it would still be mere speculation, the company has stated that the idea could occur when its creator, Greg Daniels, is available.

NBCU chief content officer Susan Rovner admitted they are on hold in a recent conversation with Deadline. For his part, Daniels has not entirely ruled out the possibility but insisted that at the moment, he is busy with another series of projects such as his Amazon Prime Video series “Upload” and Netflix’s “Space Force.”


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