Tom Holland And Zendaya Make Their Love Official

Tom Holland And Zendaya Make Their Love Official

All doubts should be cleared away with Tom Holland’s sweet birthday wishes to Zendaya: The two are a couple.

A few months ago, “Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland and his colleague Zendaya were caught kissing in the car. Since then, the internet has gone crazy, and all fans are wondering: Are the two of them a couple or not? After all, the two were together at a wedding. Well, yesterday (September 1st) was Zendaya’s birthday, and Holland sent her such a sweet message via Instagram that, for our part, we are convinced that the two are officially a couple.

“My MJ”

Years have been waiting for fans for a relationship between the two! In the current “Spider-Man” trilogy, Holland plays the role of Peter Parker, aka “Spider-Man,” and Zendaya plays his girlfriend, Michelle “MJ” Jones. In an Insta post, Holland has now congratulated the actress on her birthday with a message that melted the hearts of the fans. “My MJ, have the best of all birthdays. 

“Call me when you are awake xxx” We. Love. It. And the best? Zendaya replied five hours later, “I’m calling.” In the photo, Holland is disguised as “Spider-Man” and Zendaya as Michelle – we are relatively sure that it is a behind-the-scenes photo of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the last part for the time being with both actors in the lead roles.

Fans Love The News

As with so many things to do with Holland and Zendaya, the fans are entirely freaking out this time and are happy for the two newly in love! As one fan put it amusingly, “I lost my boyfriend, but Zendaya got him for that, so it’s okay.” Other fans see the news as absolutely indisputable proof that the two are a couple: “Tom, who calls Zendaya HIS MJ, proves that they are actually the real Peter and MJ.” Because to this day, some are still not convinced that the two are together. 

Although they are regularly seen and photographed outside holding hands, they go to restaurants together and attend weddings. We’d say a bit of a hassle for a PR stunt, but Hollywood can be pretty freezing, so who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. For our part, we are convinced and LOVE every minute that we can watch them together.


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