The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

In the United States, the Whitakers are considered the most inbred family due to the closeness of their ties. However, new documents reveal that their parents were cousins, not brothers and sisters, as had been supposed previously.

No one has been able to piece together the Whitakers’ family history because they are genetically and biologically linked.

It’s been tough to get in touch with the Whitakers because of their private family history and the neighborhood’s protection of them.

The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

The Whitakers’ Family

Originally from Odd, West Virginia, the Whitakers have made that their home for the past few years. They are the most common in-breeding group in the United States.

For his book Created Equal, Mark Laita(Instagram) photographed the Whitaker family in 2004 and documented their rise to fame.

The Whitakers in Odd, West Virginia is well-protected, according to Mark Laita, who said that he was intimidated by neighbors when photographing them and had to explain why he was doing so before the locals consented to allow him to do so.

A video Mark Latia recorded of his visit to the Whitaker family in Odd, Virginia in 2020 went viral.

More than 19 million people have seen Mark Latia’s video, titled “Inbred Family: The Whitakers,” and more than 250 thousand people have liked it; over 12,000 people have disliked it.

Among the Whitakers, a British family with ancestors from earlier generations is a little Appalachian town and a farm run by the father.

Even still, based on the video, it appears that the Whitakers are struggling in their little house with numerous dogs.

The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

The Whitaker Family: What Is Their Backstory?

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A family from West Virginia that has been inbred for generations will be discussed in this article. According to reports, people used to be frightened to gaze at these siblings. In 2020, a documentary on the Whitaker Family will be released, which details the family’s horrifying past.

The Whitaker Family’s History

It was Mark Laita’s fault for ignoring the neighbors’ warnings and bringing this family into the public eye. He got to some startling conclusions about inbreeding after studying a 2020 movie.

He had to make four trips before he eventually allowed them to open up to him. As a result, the audience was made aware of the terrible consequences of such a blunder.

Members of the same family can be considered inbred if they have physical relationships. First cousins are the most likely to get into a fight.

It is also possible for inbreeding to take place in the s**ual relationships of blood-related siblings or parents. Inbreeding has its worst effects on the children of inbred parents.

In his journal, Mark wrote about the Whitaker family members one by one.

The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

Whitakers’ Disturbing Physical Characteristics

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We learned a lot from Mark’s observations. To begin with, three members of this family had unstable mental health. For instance, Ray used to grunt whenever he felt like it.

Furthermore, Timmy and Lorraine exhibited irrational behavior as well. The family’s financial situation was dire. It was surprising that someone had managed to make it thus far.

Medical investigations have shown that inbred children have a malformed physique and mind. In addition to cognitive impairments, a number of psychiatric illnesses and cardiovascular problems emerge.

Freddie, who died of a heart condition, and his siblings all experienced the same things. Timmy was the sole blood relative of the group’s other members. However, it was impossible to conclude that Whitaker’s parents were related through blood. More people disliked the finished video than liked it.

The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

Whitakers’ Disturbing Physical Characteristics

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In order to protect the Whitaker family’s privacy, their neighbors kept their involvement a closely-guarded secret. As a result, Laita was forced to lavish them with gifts such as cash, clothes, and delectable meals in order to foster a climate of trust and open communication.

As a result, the general population can attest to the prevalence of inbreeding in that section of West Virginia. As a result of these faulty reproduction processes, inbred children can suffer from a wide range of health issues.

The Nature and Consequences of Inbreeding

Inbreeding occurs when two people of the same ancestry engage in s**ual activity, resulting in DNA reshuffling. Furthermore, this kind of pairing is not permitted in nature. Several genetic abnormalities have been found to be common in the progeny of this type of marriage.

The Whitakers claim to be of British ancestry, however, they have no confirmation of this. As a result, they are unable to interact socially with anyone.

After the interview, Mark advised everyone to keep a safe distance from this family. Armored guards keep an eye on the entire family to ensure that no one else enters the property or comes near them.

The Whitakers: Why Did the Whitaker Family Disappear? The Horribles of Inbreeding!

West Virginia’s Inbreeding Problem Has a Biological Explanation

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Inbreeding was blamed for West Virginia’s great poverty, according to certain local legends. The children’s squalor and hardships are depicted in the old photographs.

West Virginia’s anti-incest law is currently in effect in most of the state. However, inbreeding continues to this day. The practice of inbreeding is still permitted in some parts of the country, where people marry their first cousins.

Similar situations exist for the British Royal Family and the Cold Clan, as well as the Whitakers. However, both situations demonstrate the dangers of inbreeding to humanity.

As such, it is a violation of biological norms and, as such, contributes to genetic abnormalities. In order to maintain their status, the British Royal Family attempted to conceal the true identities of its members. Similar events occurred when Colt Clan forced his daughter to become pregnant with him, with disastrous results.

In the Whitaker family, there are still many unanswered questions. He couldn’t even tell if they were older than he thought they were. Some dominant personalities could have a strong link to them. Isn’t it odd that they’re living the life of a popper? That’s going to be a secret for the rest of our lives.


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