Rhobh Season 12: Is This Series Release Date Confirmed for This Year!

The ladies of Beverly Hills have returned, and there will be plenty more drama in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12. According to cast member Garcelle Beauvais, Lisa Rinna is the season’s “greatest pot-stirrer.

“During an interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in April 2022, the author of Love Me as I Am divulged some huge spoilers about the future season.

Garcelle also revealed that she’s the one who “dives the most into Erika [Jayne’s] drama,” saying that the “Pretty Mess” singer has also damaged her feelings the most this season.

Rhobh Season 12
Rhobh Season 12: Is This Series Release Date Confirmed for This Year!

Garcelle finally conceded that Kathy Hilton will have “the most to answer for at the reunion.” There’s a lot to look forward to during the highly anticipated season 12. Continue reading to find out all we know thus far.

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They Resumed Where They Left Off

Season 11 concluded with all of the RHOBH ladies attending a Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration thrown by Crystal Kung Minkoff. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed Erika’s breakup with longtime boyfriend Tom Girardi, as well as the court battles that ensued.

When it came time for the reunion, the girls were called to account for their behaviour during the season, and Erika was put on the spot to explain her and Tom’s prior relationship, as well as their current legal issues.

“We’re going to skewer you, and I’m going to light up the grill,” reunion presenter Andy Cohen said to Erika at the reunion. “How come you didn’t leave Tom sooner?” Who believes Erika was unaware of what Tom was up to?”

First Impressions

While it looked that everything was resolved following the reunion, the season 12 teaser offered a different reality. Erika and Garcelle disagree with him, saying, “Erika, I don’t have to make you seem awful.

Rhobh Season 12

“You can accomplish it on your own,” says the character in the April 2022 clip. Dorit Kemsley’s robbery in November 2021, Erika’s ongoing legal problems, and Kyle Richards’ relationship with sister Kathy will all be addressed during the season.

New Cast Members Are Introduced

Diana Jenkins, a Bosnian-born philanthropist, will be unveiled as the next housewife following her casting announcement in December 2021.

Sheree Zampino, Garcelle’s real-life BFF, is also expected to join the Bravo stars as a friend of the Housewives. Will Smith’s ex-wife, with whom he shares his eldest son Trey Smith, is well-known.

Dramatic Prelude

Erika confirmed the time she will “remove” from the forthcoming season on the “Two Ts In a Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge” podcast in April 2022.”We’ll be in Aspen.” “We had supper, and then we went to the girls’ place,” the Bravo personality remembered.

“Garcelle, Sutton, Sheree, and Crystal were staying somewhere else, and I got pretty into it with them.” … I haven’t seen it; I’ve just had unpleasant experiences with it, so I can only imagine how horrible it looks.”

Erika claimed that she “went wild” and was “extremely sorry” about the situation. “It was terrible. “Things caused an issue between Kyle and me,” she stated, adding that they have now “worked it out.”

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When Will Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Premiere?

Season 12 debuts on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 8/7c.

Here Are Some Highlights From Season 11

Erika Girardi’s Divorce and Legal Issues Shocked the Group

Erika startled the group by revealing her plan to file for divorce from then-husband Tom Girardi in November 2020, after years of extolling the virtues of her unusual marriage on-screen.

Rhobh Season 12
Rhobh Season 12: Is This Series Release Date Confirmed for This Year!

During season 11, she addressed the reason for the divorce to her castmates, saying, “I let go of my Lamborghini.” I sold my 16,000-square-foot house. I ended my marriage. I let everything go. I literally had to make a decision.”Erika’s choice was accompanied by a hidden strategy to flee unobserved.

She told her coworkers, “I drove him to work, I told him I loved him, and he answered, ‘Thanks, hun.'” As if I were a worker. I went home and began loading everything into the moving vehicle. I drove away, went to my new location, stayed the night, and served him the next morning.”

As if their divorce wasn’t bad enough, Tom and Erika were sued in December 2020, a month after Erika filed for divorce, for embezzling compensation payments intended to benefit the relatives of Lion Air Flight 610 victims.

Other lawsuits have now been filed alleging that Girardi misused millions of dollars in customer monies for personal purposes. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tom informed the court in October 2020 that he had had 80 million or 50 million in cash that was “all gone.”

Erika’s castmates questioned her purpose to divorce, whether she was aware of the impending litigation, and her apparent participation in the proceedings during Season 11. Erika’s heated exchanges with fellow housewife Sutton established a pattern, as Erika remained tight-lipped about her ongoing legal issues.

Other cast members took a more comic approach, with househusbands Paul (PK) Kemsley and Mauricio Umansky laughing at Erika’s story of her husband smashing his car in snowfall in Pasadena. A blizzard has hit Pasadena, California.

(In case you were wondering, it did snow this year in Pasadena, California, prompting Andy Cohen to award Erika his Mazel of the Day on “Watch What Happens Life” on February 15, 2022).

Kathy ‘hunky Dory’ Hilton Provided Laughter to the 90210 Sets

Kathy Hilton, the mother of Paris Hilton and sister of Kyle Richards, joined as a buddy for Season 11, quickly becoming a meme-able fan favourite, including the classic moment when she didn’t understand Sutton saying “hunky-dory” and asked her, “Who is Hunky Dory?

“Kathy’s humorous comments kept fans entertained throughout the season. Kathy jumped into bed with her sister Kyle with six newspapers, potato chips, and Red Bull during the cast’s Lake Tahoe trip, providing fans with a laugh out loud moment.

when Kyle alerted Kathy that she was sipping a Red Bull in the early hours of the night (Kathy believed it was a soda!). As if that wasn’t enough, Sutton related how Kathy came into her bed in the middle of the night with eight pillows and her box fan.

During their Palm Springs trip, Kathy duped her castmates into drinking martinis “bottoms up” for the sake of the meal — all while having only water in her glass. She also played a game of two truths and a lie on her castmates, but all of her responses were true!

Season 12: What to Expect

The entire ensemble will display real, emotional emotions. The Season 12 teaser teases the women’s deep emotional turmoil. Dorit’s startling home invasion kicks off the season, leaving her family to pick up the pieces after intruders traumatically robbed her at gunpoint, seizing up to $1 million in valuables.

Rhobh Season 12

Dorit relates her experience pleading for her life while being held at gunpoint during the robbery in the trailer, saying, “please I have young babies, please I’m a mother, please I beg of you, my kids need me, please, please.”

This season, Lisa mourns the death of her mother, Lois DeAndrade Rinna. Lois soon became a fan favourite during her cameo appearances on RHOBH owing to her ties with her family and her perspectives on the turmoil that swirled around her.

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Lisa says in the Season 12 teaser, “I’m trying to find out how to live without my mom.” I’m in a lot of agonies, you guys, and I’m doing my best.”Lisa revealed why she opted to express her sadness on the programme on the April 25 episode of Two T’s in a Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge, “I think that grief is so taboo.

“It’s a procedure, and I’m here to demonstrate how I did it and how I do it.”Crystal continues to face her eating disorder difficulties, which she has been open about on social media and will carry over to her second season of the show.

“I want to eat a meal and be good with it, you know, I don’t want to detest what I’m eating every day,” Crystal says.


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