Blue Bloods Season Finale: Release Date, Everything You Need To Know!

The long-awaited season 12 conclusion of “Blue Bloods” aired on Friday night. While fans are unhappy that there will be no more Reagan family dinners this summer, we’re here to share the highlights of season 12’s farewell episode with you.

According to pop culture, the season finale of “Blue Bloods” had two important character advancements. Following that, some fans feel it establishes a nice narrative for Season 13. First and foremost, in the episode “Silver Linings,” assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan ultimately commits to running for DA.

Blue Bloods Season Finale
Blue Bloods Season Finale: Release Date, Everything You Need To Know!

However, as we’ve seen, the authors went about it in a roundabout way. We first saw Frank Reagan argue with D.A. Crawford over her decision to reduce some crimes to misdemeanours. He also phoned the District Attorney’s office for freed convicts hours after their arrest.

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Erin was irritated that he did it on public television. Crawford was concerned that she would run with her father’s best interests in mind. Her concerns were reinforced when Erin revealed that she believed the new regulations would make the city more unsafe, thereby agreeing with her father.

However, we soon witnessed her assuring the D.A. that she intended to act in her own best interests. Erin had changed her mind about not running by the time the weekly dinner scene rolled around. She joyfully proclaimed at the table that she will run for D.A.

“I may be terrified of losing,” she remarked during dinner, “but I think if I have your love and support, I’ll be invincible.”When season 13 of “Blue Bloods” debuts, we’ll be following that specific narrative.

By the End of the ‘blue Bloods’ Finale, Baez Has Adopted a Child

While the majority of the drama in the season 12 finale of “Blue Bloods” focused on Frank and Erin Reagan, other significant occurrences occurred throughout the show. We knew ahead of time that two of our favourite “Blue Bloods” characters, Maria Baez and Danny Reagan, would be caught up in an intensive investigation.

According to the publication, the police were looking into the death of a lady under witness protection. Later, their inquiry intersects with Joe and Jamie’s, who is investigating the disappearance of a trafficked adolescent girl.

Blue Bloods Season Finale

We quickly discovered the victim was pregnant, and the baby was preserved, much to our relief. Detective Baez adopts the infant in an unusual change of events. Danny Reagan, her longtime friend and business partner, vowed she would always have his support.

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When combined with the resolution of Erin and Frank’s rivalry, the “Blue Bloods” finale was quite dramatic. It also makes us want to see what occurs in Season 13. If you want to revisit the finale or other “Blue Bloods” reruns, the site adds that all previous episodes are accessible on Paramount+.

When Is the Season 12 Finale of Blue Bloods?

The fall season is winding down, and our favourite shows, like CBS’s veteran drama Blue Bloods, will be leaving the airways shortly. Season 12 has been another incredible season, striking the ideal balance in enabling every one of the show’s favourite cast members to shine.

Blue Bloods Season Finale

We’ve seen some incredible storylines involving our favourite Reagan family members, and the season’s closing episodes promise to provide even more unforgettable events – some good, some awful.

While we’d like to see season 12 continue for a few more episodes, it’s almost over, with only a few episodes left before the season ends and the summer vacation begins. When will the season come to a close? Here’s what we know thus far!

Date of the Season 12 Finale of Blue Bloods

The season 12 finale of Blue Bloods has been set for Friday, May 6 at 10/9c on CBS, following the season finale of rival Friday night programme Magnum P.I. Following just the season finales of Ghosts and Good Sam, the two shows are among the first CBS series to leave the airways this season.

While most programmes’ finales air in late May, Blue Bloods has been an exception to this trend for some years now, with many of its recent seasons finishing in either the first or second week of May.

We also know that the season 11 finale will be a conventional one-hour show, rather than a special two-hour extravaganza like we saw last year.

Blue Bloods Season Finale

Will There Be a Season 13 of ‘blue Bloods’? Here’s What Fans Should Know

Blue Bloods supporters are still overjoyed following last week’s major announcement. As previously reported, the popular police procedural series, which is the third longest-running CBS scripted show has been renewed for a historic 13th season, something both fans and the actors may enjoy.

Since announcing the news on April 26, the official Blue Bloods Instagram account has returned to releasing regular teaser images. The most recent of which commemorates the conclusion of the 12th season, which concludes on Friday, May 6.

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“A pat on the back for a great twelfth season,” the caption, which accompanies a photo of Erin (Bridget Moynahan) slapping Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) on the back, says. “Can’t get enough of it?” Rewatch #BlueBloods from the beginning and catch up before the season finale on Friday, available on @ParamountPlus.”

Blue Bloods Finale


The highly anticipated season 12 finale of “Blue Bloods” aired on Friday night. While fans are disappointed that there will be no more Reagan family dinners this summer, we’re here to share the highlights of Season 12’s final episode with you.

While the majority of the drama in “Blue Bloods” Season 12 finale concentrated on Frank and Erin Reagan, other crucial events occurred throughout the episode. Blue Bloods’ season 12 conclusion has been slated for Friday, May 6 at 10/9c on CBS, after the season finale of rival Friday night shows Magnum P.I.

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