Prison School Season 2: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

When the first season of Prison School began in 2015, people devoured all of its episodes. Everyone is now looking forward to the second season. Prison Break is a Japanese anime based on the same-named manga series.

The plot centres around Kiyoshi, one of five boys enrolled at Hachimitsu Academy. Previously, the institution was an all-girls school. When Kiyoshi is caught spying, he is sent to the school’s prison and disciplined.

Prison School Season 2

But when will we get another chance to see Kiyoshi? What about Prison School season 2’s plot? Don’t worry if these thoughts have crossed your mind. We’ve got your back. This article will go through all of the pertinent information about Prison.

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What Is the Plot of the Prison School?

These young men are rapidly rejected in a school where boys have never been seen before. This gang of youngsters makes a decision that will alter their entire high school experience because they want to be alone.

We’ll take a look inside the Girl’s Bath! Oh my goodness, that’s fantastic! A 500-plus IQ has been demonstrated to be true. Of course, everything went as planned. The Underground Student Council seizes them. This council’s treatment of people is well-known.

The Underground Student Council sentenced them to one month in prison for their actions. How did five young males end up locked up with just female students? The detainees’ tragic stories and desperate efforts to flee are told in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.

This is one of the most amusing shows ever produced. One of the best is Prison School. This is a fantastic ecchi due to how unique the tale is and how well it is put together. As a result, an OVA was created for the show. “Prison School: Mad Wax” is the title of this OVA.

Prison School Season 2

We discussed what happened to our brothers when they were freed from prison during the conference. However, the anime as a whole has already come to an end. When an anime’s final season concludes, there is always a lot of excitement.

People who watched Season 2 of Prison School were eager to learn more as a result of this. That is what we have presently in terms of Prison School.

Renewal Status of Prison School Season 2

First and foremost, the J.C.Staff studio has yet to disclose any renewal or cancellation news. The current status is pending. However, considering the show’s overall popularity and the fact that there are still a lot of stories to tell, a second season is extremely likely.

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The first season ended in September 2015, but it did not cover all of the information in the manga. The 28th chapter was released on April 6, 2018. So there is a tale to be told, but after 6 years, one has to question if J.C.Staff abandoned the project.

When Will Prison School Season 2 Be Released? (Expectation)

Season 1 of Prison School aired from July 11, 2015, to September 26. A second season has been discussed. A second season has not been declared by the creators. While the manga series is still active, the fact that the anime only sold about 4500 units per volume isn’t encouraging.

Prison School Season 2

A mystery and horror author named Naoyuki Uchida recently approached Prison School and SHIROBAKO director Tsutomu Mizushima on Twitter about Season 2. Given Mizushima’s viewpoint, the second season of Prison School appears improbable. We can only hope for another Prison School season.

If this occurs, we can fairly predict that ‘Prison School Season 2‘ will be released in 2022. We have yet to hear from the producers or the studio, which is infamous for keeping new films and release dates under wraps. We’ll have to wait till official sources confirm the air dates and other data concerning a second season.


Here’s a look at the cast for the forthcoming season:

  • Reiji Andou is played by Kazuyuki Okitsu.
  • Kiyoshi Fujino is played by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • Jouji Nezu is played by Daisuke Namikawa.
  • Takehito Morokuzu is played by Katsuyuki Konishi.
  • Shingo Wakamoto is played by Kenici Suzumaru.

The Popularity Ratings for Season 2 of Prison School

The popularity of a medium might help you determine how effective it is. It doesn’t matter because the same is true for anime. If an anime is popular enough, there will almost always be a sequel in the works at some time.

Prison School Season 2

No matter how terrible things become, we need to find out if there’s enough interest in a second season. However, how do we know how popular a show is? There are three methods we might use to determine how much public support Prison School receives.

English Dubbing of Prison School

While the Japanese cast has earned widespread praise, the English dub has received heavy criticism for its casting, voice acting, and writing.

Fans of the first season of Prison School can watch the English dub on Funimation and Anime Lab. It’s also accessible with English subtitles on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Where Can I Watch Prison School?

Funimation and Anime Lab both have English dubs of Prison School season 1. You can also watch it with original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Is There Any Trailer Yet?

Additionally, we don’t expect the trailer to drop anytime soon. If any new update happens, we’ll let you know, Take a look at the trailer of season one.


People devoured all of Prison School’s episodes when the first season premiered in 2015. Everyone is now anticipating the second season. Prison Break is a Japanese anime based on a manga series of the same name.

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To begin with, the J.C.Staff studio has yet to announce any renewal or cancellation news. The status is currently pending. Prison School Season 1 broadcast from July 11 to September 26. A second season is being considered. The developers have not announced a second season.

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