Brotherhood Season 2: Release Date | Is Brotherhood Based on a True Story?

‘Brotherhood,’ or ‘Irmandade’ in Portuguese, is a Netflix Brazilian crime drama. It transports us to the mid-1990s in the city of So Paulo, the hometown of Cristina, a diligent, honest, and true lawyer. She learns that her brother has been arrested and that he is the leader of a criminal organisation known as the Brotherhood.

The authorities then force Cristina to become an informant, infiltrate the faction, and oppose her estranged brother. Torn between duty and family, she embarks on this perilous expedition, revealing her darkest side along the way.

Brotherhood Season 2:

Cristina’s experience eventually leads her to question her own convictions about fairness. Pedro Morelli created ‘Brotherhood,’ which he directed alongside Gustavo Bonafé and Aly Muritiba.

Felipe Sant’Angelo, Iris Junges, Leonardo Levis, Mirna Nogueira, Francine Barbosa, and Tom Hamburger are among the writers working in the project. “What intrigued us to The Faction is that from the perspective of Cristina.

The series lets the spectator discover the harsh jail universe of So Paulo of the 1990s through an electrifying dramatic thriller,” said Erik Barmack, VP of Original Content for Netflix.

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“Cristina’s trajectory of empowerment and corruption is connected with that of the faction and will appeal to Netflix members throughout the world,” he continued. The show’s first season was well-received. The question now is if there will be a season 2 of ‘Modern Love.’ We’ll get into that question later, but first, let’s go over the series’ specifics.

What Is the Plot of Brotherhood?

‘Brotherhood’ follows Cristina, Edson, Darlene, Ivan, Andrade, Carniça, and Marcel through their lives when they become involved in crime. The majority of the story is told from the perspectives of Cristina and Edson, siblings from the same household who have opposing views on justice.

When their lives become intertwined, they understand that their separate realities are somehow tied to a shared reality. Cristina is an honest and devoted lawyer who discovers one day that her older brother, whom she has always admired, is in prison.

She subsequently learns that her estranged sibling is the leader of a rising criminal gang known as the Brotherhood. Cristina is now required by the government to infiltrate the Brotherhood, obtain important information from the faction, and give this material to the police as part of her mission, despite her wishes.

In other words, she must work against her own brother, which puts her in a moral bind. Nonetheless, Cristina accepts to go on the dangerous task in accordance with her professional principles. Throughout her journey, she discovers her darker side and begins to question her own beliefs’ injustice.

Brotherhood Season 2:

‘Brotherhood’ is a gripping crime thriller that tackles a delicate and timely subject. It takes place in a country where people are routinely victims of violence and have become accustomed to heinous acts of brutality.

And ‘Brotherhood’ takes a big move toward confronting the paradoxical Brazilian reality by delving deep into the problem’s roots and genesis. The series not only tackles a serious subject, but also incorporates aspects of suspense, crime, action, and thriller.

Who Is in the Cast of Brotherhood?

The ensemble of ‘Brotherhood’ is outstanding, led by Brazilian actress Naruna Costa as Cristina Ferreira, a dedicated, committed lawyer. Costa is well-known for her performance in ‘The Way He Looks.’ Edson, Cristina’s estranged elder brother, is played by Seu Jorge.

Jorge has previously appeared in films such as ‘Abe,’ ‘City of God,’ and ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.’Darlene, Edson’s wife, is played by multi-award-winning actress Hermila Guedes (‘Love For Sale’). Ivan, played by Lee Taylor of ‘The Mechanism,’ is a humorous inmate with an opportunistic commitment to the Brotherhood.

Brotherhood Season 2:

Ivan’s journey eventually intersects with Cristina’s, however, they have opposing goals. Andrade is played by Danilo Grangheia, Carniça is played by Pedro Wagner, and Marcel is played by Wesley Guimares. If the programme is renewed, most of the main cast members will return.

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Expected Release Date

In terms of the following season, we’re sure Netflix was encouraged by the reception to the first season. As a result, the network is very likely to renew the show for a second season. If everything goes as planned, we expect ‘Brotherhood’ season 2 to be released in October 2022.

This section will be updated as new information becomes available. Season 1 of ‘Brotherhood’ debuted on Netflix on October 25, 2019. Its first season consisted of eight episodes, all of which were released on the same day.

Is Brotherhood Based on a True Story?

Brotherhood is a true story-based Canadian drama film released in 2019. It recalls the story of 11 adolescent lads who died in a summer storm on Balsam Lake in July 1926. One summer, a group of adolescent lads arrives at Long Point Camp on Balsam Lake for the adventure of a lifetime.

Trailer for Brotherhood

The official trailer for ‘Brotherhood’ season 1 can be found here.


‘Brotherhood,’ or ‘Irmandade’ in Portuguese, is a Brazilian crime drama on Netflix. It introduces us to So Paulo in the mid-1990s, the hometown of Cristina, a conscientious, honest, and real lawyer.

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‘Brotherhood’ follows Cristina, Edson, Darlene, Ivan, Andrade, Carniça, and Marcel as they become involved in criminal activity.

The majority of the drama is portrayed through the eyes of Cristina and Edson, siblings from the same household with contrasting viewpoints on justice. Season 2 of ‘Brotherhood’ is expected to be published in October 2022.

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