Michael Keaton: Why He Not Wanted To Work With Tim Burton

Michael Keaton: Why He Not Wanted To Work With Tim Burton

The 1988 film “Beetlejuice” was the second feature film within Tim Burton’s studio system and represented the first of many collaborations with, Michael Keaton. Curiously, at that time, he was pretty reluctant to participate in the project and even rejected it repeatedly.

The fantastic dark comedy had an innovative but risky concept. The plot consisted of a recently deceased couple returning home and finding another family living there. Hoping to get rid of them, they turned to Beetlejuice, a seedy ghost who enjoyed tormenting people, which was to be played by the Golden Globe winner.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published in August, Michael Keaton spoke about his role in the iconic film, admitting that he was initially hesitant to play the trickster because he did not fully understand the movie.

“I liked Tim personally, but I didn’t know what he was trying to explain with the concept of the film, so I said no two or three times,” the star explained to the outlet.

After several subsequent meetings, Michael Keaton took the time to process it, agreed to the challenge, and included a proposal to make his character one of a kind.

According to the information provided by the actor, he called the wardrobe department and requested that they send him costumes from all eras. He also went to artist Ve Neill and asked her to help him with characterization with mold on his face and hair that looks like he had put his fingers in the socket. Tim came up with the pinstripe suit while Keaton insisted on the rotten state of his teeth and skin tone.

Finally, both managed to make the film they wanted, which was reflected in the result in front of the screen. “Beetlejuice” was a smash hit, earning more than $ 80 million at the global box office and several awards, including an Oscar for Best Makeup. It has become a cult classic and one of the duo’s most iconic works more than three decades later.

Details On The Return Of “Beetlejuice”

Although there have been intermittent rumors over the years about an alleged sequel to the film, more than three decades after its debut, the specialized portal IMDb affirms that it has been officially announced.

At the beginning of the year, Michael Keaton acknowledged that he had been talking with Burton about a new project but did not confirm that it was the regular second part.


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