Jim Morrison: Wife, Children, Musical Career, His Complete Life Story

Jim Morrison

The Doors are one of the most famous rock music bands in history. Dozens of their songs have become real classics of world music, gaining fame all over the planet. Their songs can be found in the most expensive Hollywood films, which are widely released. Even after half a century, their work continues to inspire millions. But the Doors are unlikely to have achieved such popularity if not for its thought leader Jim Morrison. His life turned out to be short but incredibly bright. Jim Morrison’s personal life also deserves special attention.

Personal Life: Wife and Children of Jim Morrison 

Despite the frantic pace of life and drug abuse, Jim Morrison had a bright appearance that could charm any girl. It is likely that if the rock musician had lived at least a little longer, the appearance of Jim Morrison’s wife would not have been long in coming. However, the musician died at the age of 27, leaving no offspring behind.

His only known sweetheart was Patricia Kennelly, who worked for a music magazine. Their acquaintance happened in 1969, and a year later, the couple got married. But it never came to an official wedding. Jim Morrison also had no children. So the attention of the leader of The Doors was focused entirely on creative activity. 

Musical Career 

Since childhood, Jim has been fond of music, being a fan of stars such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and The Beach Boys. They had a tremendous impact on his work. During his studies, Jim met Ray Manzarek, with whom he decided to organize his rock band, The Doors.

Other members soon joined the lineup, allowing The Doors to start performing live. The first years of the young group’s business went very badly. Jim Morrison suffered from self-doubt and even spoke with his back to the audience. It seemed that the idea was doomed to failure, but the young vocalist was insanely popular with the girls who came to every group’s performance. And after half a year of creative activity, The Doors had their army of fans, which allowed the musicians to perform at the largest institution in the city.

The youth and energy of the guys conquered not only the listeners but also professional producers. Paul Rothschild contributes to The Dorrs’ debut album, which hit the top of the charts. Glory fell upon the young people, which they could not expect. The era of “dorzomania” had came, replacing the no less sonorous “Beatlemania”. Soon after their success, the musicians began to get involved in the use of narcotics. 

Death of Jim Morrison 

Morrison’s story ended on July 3, 1971, when the musician’s heart stopped beating. There are still many legends about the causes of Jim Morrison’s death. Death overtook the musician in the bathroom of his rented apartment in Paris. According to the official version of forensic experts, Morrison died of a narcotics overdose.


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