Lil Baby: How Rap Changed His Life In Four Years?

Lil Baby: How Rap Changed His Life In Four Years?

A few years ago, he did not see himself in rap, and in 2020 he spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard charts with an album called “My Move”. Let’s get acquainted.

Lil Baby’s success story is atypical and fast-paced. Until four years ago, he did not have a single song, and he did not even consider a rapper’s career.

Fast forward to today, Lil Baby has one of the most popular releases of 2020 and 2021, and he is called the prominent newcomer of recent times. In total, the album “My Turn” spent five weeks on the first line. First, a week in March, when it was just released, and three months later, something unique happened: the album returned to first place and spent four more weeks there.

What happened in Lil Baby’s life between 2016 and 2021? 

1. He Didn’t Want To Become A Rapper, But He Was Forced

One of Atlanta’s prominent rap personalities, Young Thug, is Lil Baby’s childhood friend. Thanks to him and connections with Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, while still a teenager, hung out in the studio with the future stars of the genre. But he was not going to become a rapper.

According to people close to the rapper, he liked music, but he hardly even sang along with his favourite tracks. He loved to hang out in the studio and watched with his own eyes how Migos and Rich The Kid turned into stars.

2. He Served Two Years In Prison

But Lil Baby continued to trap – and in 2014, he was jailed for five years for drug dealing. He came out in 2016 after serving only two years.

In prison, he said, he read 200 books. When asked what exactly he read, the rapper replied that he did not remember the name.

3. The Quality Control Label handles his Business

He was offered contracts for Young Thug and Gucci Mane but chose Quality Control, which led to the success of Migos and Lil Yachty.

They say about this company that in the search for new names, its leaders are instead helped by a unique sense and not by scouting mailings and reports from streaming platforms. Read how the label has become one of the flagships of the industry here.

Coach K, the co-founder of QC, has been asking Lil Baby to try rap for years. What did he see in him? Genre-fitting biography and wisdom that Lil Baby acquired on the street.

4. Gunna Taught Lil Baby How To Rap

When you listen to Lil Baby’s releases, keeping in mind that he started rapping only three years ago, his progress in terms of melody and the way he writes hooks becomes very noticeable. Thanks for that is Gunna, another young hitmaker from Atlanta, with whom they released their super successful mixtape “Drip Harder”.

According to Lil Baby, Gunna taught him the basics – how many lines should be in verse, where to put the chorus, record adlibs, and even store a track in the phone’s memory.

5.From 2016 To 2018, He Released Seven Releases

In 2018, his debut album “Harder Than Ever” was released, but Lil Baby’s listeners by that time had already been pretty much warmed up by a clip of mixtapes, in the recording of which the not-last people of the rap scene took part.

Such an avalanche of content could overwhelm listeners. Therefore, in 2019, it was decided to take a break from releases.


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