Mayans Mc Season 4 Release Date: Is Mayans Going to Have a Season 4?

Mayans MC is back in action, with Season 4 just around the corner. While the original Sons of Anarchy ran for seven seasons until it was cancelled, it appears the spin-off is still alive and well.

So, what exactly is going on, and when can we expect to catch up on EZ and co’s current drama? Everything you need to know is right here.


“In season three, we dealt with consequences, and I believe we will continue to do so,” James told Deadline in May 2021. “I believe everything will continue to spiral… So much of EZ and Gaby’s story reminded me of my own and my wife, who began dating me while I was still in the gang.

Mayans Mc Season 4

So, with where he’s going now, it’s as if I’m wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t left if she hadn’t had the patience that she did if she hadn’t given me a second opportunity.”

“I suppose with EZ, what we always spoke about is this inevitability,” he added. He was always going to end up here, no matter what. There’s just darkness that he can’t help but get eaten up in, and I believe that’s what we’ll be watching.

“We’ve watched him fight to come out of the darkness for three seasons, and I think he’s f**king in it now.”Fans of the show will be eager to learn who has killed in the season three finale.”There was absolutely a gunshot,” James confirmed to EW.

“If I recall well, EZ turned to face the Templo when he heard the gunshot.”James also addressed if Isaac [JR Bourne] will continue to play a role after his death, saying, “We’ll have to wait and see what happens with him.

” [Bourne] is my buddy; he appeared in my film Little Birds. People love to despise him for what he’s brought this season. It was 32 degrees when we shot the Meth Mountain sequences. So, are we going back? We could. Are we through with Isaac? “No one knows.”

We’d also expect Taz’s sexuality and its implications of it to be explored further in the forthcoming episodes, as well as whether Adelita’s son is alive or dead, and what life looks like for Emily and Galindo now that their marriage is in shambles.

Clayton Cardenas suggested at a TCA presentation (via that his character Angel will be conflicted over his commitment to his MC.”I think Angel has always had this type of schism in his nature; whose blood was thicker to him?

“Was it his brother’s physical blood or the blood of the club?” he wondered. “Sometimes we get to choose our friends, and other times we don’t, especially when it comes to family.” So, which one did Angel gravitate toward more and most?

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I believe that towards the end of the first season, we began to notice a difference in him as he witnessed his brother totally immersing himself in club life.”I believe the only way for him to truly determine which blood was thicker to him was to put his own morality to the test.

Mayans Mc Season 4

” He had to assess the advantages and negatives and decide whether it was better for my life or better for my brother’s life.”As the season progresses, I believe Angel realises that his devotion to his brother is causing him more pain than he realises.”And, of course, more gang conflict is on the way in the next episode.

Who Is in the Mayans M.c. Season 4 Cast?

Season 4’s major cast for Mayans M.C. is as follows:

  • Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes is played by JD Pardo.
  • Angel Reyes is played by Clayton Cardenas.
  • Edward Felipe Reyes is played by James Olmos.
  • Miguel Galindo is played by Danny Pino.
  • Carla Baratta in the role of Luisa “Adelita” Espina
  • Losa Raoul is played by Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa Raoul
  • Che “Taza” Romero is played by Max Trujillo.
  • Johnny “Coco” Cruz is played by Richard Cabral.
  • Marcus Alvarez is played by Emilio Rivera.
  • Emily Thomas is played by Sarah Bolger.
  • Hank “Tranq” Loza is played by Frankie Loyal.
  • Neron “Creeper” Vargas is played by Joseph Lucero.
  • Gilberto “Gilly” Lopez is played by Vincent Vargas.

Expected Release Date

The fourth season of “Mayans M.C.” has yet to get an official release date from FX. However, the network helped alleviate some of the fans’ concerns. According to Deadline, FX renewed “Mayans M.C.” for Season 4 on May 3, 2021, eight days before the Season 3 finale.

Mayans Mc Season 4

Season 4 will premiere in late 2022, according to the publication. The cable network didn’t get any more detailed than that, but based on prior seasons, we can make an educated prediction about the fourth season debut.

The programme was renewed for a third season by FX in November 2019, just before the Season 2 finale. Season 3 premiered in March 2021, 16 months after the decision to renew.

  • Season 1 Release Date- September 4, 2018
  • Season 2 Release Date- September 3, 2019
  • Season 3 Release Date- March 16, 2021

How to Watch Mayans M.c.

Season 4 of Mayans M.C. will premiere on the FX Network first. FX is a cable channel that is carried by many standard pay-TV cable/satellite providers; nevertheless, viewers need to check their service to ensure that the network is included in their plan.

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FX is also available on live television streaming platforms such as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. If you want to watch Mayans M.C. (either past seasons or the most recent episodes the day after the show on FX), Hulu is your best bet in the United States. Mayans M.C. is available on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom.

Mayans Mc Season 4

Mayans M.c. Season 3 Recap

The events of season 3 shifted the ground for the entire Mayans M.C. club. The Santo Padre M.C. is in conflict with other factions of the club after denying a risky demand to double drug delivery.

EZ believes they can make moves against the club’s other Kings and bring it all under the control of one King, Bishop. Of course, the other leaders aren’t about to give up without a struggle. After a failed effort to assassinate Canche, the leader of one of the other clubs, all of the Mayans clubs decide to band together and go after Santo Padre.

This all comes up to the finale’s last minutes when a combined force attacks the Santo Padre headquarters. In other news, Galindo is suspicious of Emily’s relationship with EZ, eventually attempting to murder her and convincing Alvarez and Nestor to murder EZ.

Both efforts fail, and he is forced to flee after two of Adelita’s proteges reveal another Galindo murder scheme to Mexican authorities. Emily, predictably, declines to accompany him. EZ and Gabby were also involved in significant relationship growth.

Gabby broke up with EZ because she was concerned his way of life was too hazardous, and he says he is ready to leave it all behind and travel north with her. However, EZ’s father, Felipe, tells Gabby that leaving with him will only bring her down. Gabby heeds this piece of advice and departs without EZ.



Mayans MC is back in action, with Season 4 on the way. While the original Sons of Anarchy ran for seven seasons before being terminated, the spin-off appears to be still alive and well. FX has yet to announce a release date for the fourth season of “Mayans M.C.”

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However, the network was able to assuage some of the fans’ fears. FX has renewed “Mayans M.C.” for Season 4 on May 3, 2021, eight days before the Season 3 finale, according to Deadline. Season 4 will debut in 2022.

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