Owen Wilson: 5 Things Every Fan Must Know About The Actor

Owen Wilson: 5 Things Every Fan Must Know About The Actor

Today, the brilliant comedy actor, owner of the most recognizable nose in Hollywood, and a participant in almost every Wes Andersen film, Owen Wilson, has turned forty-six years old. He acts in movies, writes scripts for films (and they say that books too), and even interviews with his friends and colleagues. Add to this the upbringing of two children and think: “How can you keep up with everything?” It turns out that it is possible; moreover, Wilson is not going to stop. While he travels around the world in Loki’s new timeline, we will tell you a few more interesting facts about him.

He Likes To Improvise

The funniest Owen Wilson is Owen Wilson in improvisation. He rarely does this for dramatic images, but every director should expect a slight catch if it’s a comedy. But in fact, many of the funniest moments in his films were pure improvisation.

His Brothers Are Also Actors

Luke and Andrew Wilson also act in films. Still, the opportunity to see the three of them in the frame is infrequent only in such practically family projects as “The Tenenbaum Family” or “Bottle Rocket” at the dawn of each of the brothers’ careers.

He Has Great Friends

Since his studies at the University of Austin, our hero has been friends with independent filmmaker Wes Andersen. The latter has credited such films as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Kingdom of the Full Moon. Student communication quickly grew into a fruitful collaboration. Owen appeared in almost every Andersen film, especially in the early stages. Another old friend of the actor is none other than Ben Stiller. In many ways, it was he who opened Wilson to the “wide audience.” 

Nose As A Business Card

The actor admits that the nose incident happened back in high school when he was playing football. The nose was broken twice, but the future star refused any plastic surgery. And we agree with him: this has its unique charm.

Tried To Commit Suicide Once

In late August 2007, Owen was admitted to the hospital due to an apparent suicide attempt. The actual reason for this act was kept secret, but Hollywood insiders quickly figured out all of Wilson’s motives. The reason is a painful breakup with Kate Hudson, whom the actor met in 2006 on the film “Me, Him and His Friends.” Due to the dire health condition of Wilson, he even had to give up filming in Ben Stiller’s new project, Soldiers of Failure. By the way, this incident did not prevent Owen from getting together with the Hollywood actress one more time.


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