Cruella 2: Emma Stone And Disney Negotiate For The Sequel!

Cruella 2: Emma Stone And Disney Negotiate For The Sequel!

Recently, Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for violating a signed contract. The accusation is of not respecting the agreements regarding the exclusive release of the film Black Widow. The Marvel film also debuted on Disney +, which had repercussions on the actress’s salary. Scarlett Johansson says that the gain after the release of the movie of Disney + paid is less than what was agreed and wants to be compensated. The same seems to have occurred with Emma Stone for Cruella.

Emma Stone seems to have faced a similar situation with Disney for how the Cruella movie came out. However, Emma Stone has reportedly used Scarlett Johansson’s cause to negotiate a new deal with the House of Mickey Mouse regarding Cruella 2, which has just been announced. The sequel is confirmed, and it seems that the actress has exploited the colleague’s cause to ensure a profit with the next film on the villain of 101 Dalmatians.

The actress has chosen to sign the contract for a new film with Disney without forgetting its cause. She decided to extend the collaboration with the studios as long as certain conditions were met.

The Deal Between Disney and Emma Stone

According to insider Matthew Belloni, Emma Stone first got Disney acknowledging that she would have to negotiate a ‘buyout’ of her box office bonuses on the first Cruella, as did Warner Bros. for its 2021 films. The company had to bend to these requests to create a successful sequel, given the numbers reached by its predecessor. Before this negotiation, Disney added the “at home” supplement to the box office numbers.

Although another lawsuit would have sent a clear message to Disney about version management in VIP Access, Black Widow’s case impacted the Cruella 2 deal. Most likely, Emma Stone’s threat of a lawsuit made Disney more willing to comply with her demands. As many have noted online, Scarlett Johansson’s legal battle is tied to her not getting what she was due. Without having plans to return in a future Marvel film, the collaboration between the actress and Disney has now closed. Instead, in Stone’s case, steps were taken to make sure the relationship continues in Cruella 2.

In their negotiations, Emma Stone reportedly received an 8-figure payout for the release of Cruella and is now getting a deal to earn eight figures again for Cruella 2 . It is unclear how precisely Emma Stone’s salary is for these two films. However, not knowing what the situation of cinemas will be in the future, they wanted to ensure precisely and agreed upon in advance earnings.


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