Good Girls Season 5 Release Date: There’s A Shocking Reason NBC Canceled

‘Good Girls,’ developed by Jenna Bans, is a comedy sitcom about a close-knit group of three females named Ruby, Beth, and Annie. They want to rob a neighbouring firm because they are wary of putting in long hours for little pay and following the regulations.

As a consequence, their lives are transformed in ways they can’t possibly fathom. On February 26, 2018, the first episode of this criminal drama aired.

The cast members have earned a lot of praise for their performances, but other critics believe the narrative does not do them justice.

Despite this, critics complimented the series’ rapid pace and the heroes’ interpersonal closeness. Despite its darker parts, the programme retains a sense of humour. Whether you want to know if the show will return for a fifth season or not, we have the answer!

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date
Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

Release Date for Season 5 of Good Girls

The fourth season of NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ premiered on March 7, 2021, and ended on July 22, 2021. The fourth season consists of 16 episodes, each lasting between 41 and 44 minutes.

We’ve got some great news regarding the forthcoming fifth season to share with you. This criminal comedy series will finish on NBC on June 25, 2021, according to a corporate statement.

The network’s management also stated that they were not interested in selling the show to any other networks or streaming platforms. According to sources, a fifth and final season of the show was in the works, but it fell through.

If Netflix was unavailable, another option was to move it to a streaming provider, however, this did not work either. You’re probably curious as to what’s going on. Following the cancellation of the NBC show, there are a few theories to consider.

It didn’t matter how popular the show was on Netflix or how many people saw it in advance since it bombed on NBC.

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date
Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

When ratings and watching statistics dropped dramatically, the network had to cut its losses; linear performance is vital when considering renewals.

Insiders claim that Universal Television analysed the data to see if the show would be commercially feasible on Netflix. Things may not have worked out since Netflix would have had to spend more in production costs.

The show’s stars, Christina Hendricks (Beth), Retta (Ruby), and Mae Whitman (Annie), agreed to accept salary cuts for the last run of the play. The pay drop did not sit well with Manny Montana (Rio).

There’s a good likelihood that the show’s discontinuation was also the product of some internal strife. The romance between Beth and Rio has blossomed throughout the course of the show’s four seasons.

In real life, though, the actresses Hendricks and Montana’s connection may not be so straightforward. Their off-screen relationship has been tumultuous, and they characterise it with words like “professional” and “businesslike.”

However, none of the celebrities hasA made any direct comments on the topic. Season 5 of ‘Good Girls’ has been officially cancelled, despite its announcement.

Why was Season 5 of Good Girls cancelled?

The cancellation of “Good Girls” appears to be the result of creative disagreements and financial concerns. Manny Montana, who plays Beth’s love interest, was adamant about not accepting a lesser wage for the previous season.

On top of that, a contentious off-camera relationship between him and Hendricks is said to be a factor in his refusal to negotiate.

Montana and Hendricks have described their relationship as businesslike and professional, implying that they aren’t really friends in real life.

Montana referred to Hendricks as Chris at a Q&A session at the 92nd Street Y, which bothered her: “Chris is the only name I’ve ever been called.” This isn’t my real name. To me, it’s absurd.

Then he hasn’t got a chance to find out that I dislike it as well!” The rumour of a background war sounded all the more plausible because the storey was too real to be disregarded as a joke.

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date
Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

Fans Have Launched a Campaign to Preserve Season 5 of Good Girls.

Despite the above, supporters are still turning on Netflix to salvage the show.

The hashtag “#SaveGoodGirls” is still trending on social media months later. Active petitions on sites such as have also garnered pace during the summer.

While the book appears to be closed, it can’t hurt to voice your views online, even if it appears that the programme will never return.

Would you have wanted to see Netflix renew Good Girls for a fifth season? Please let us know in the comments section.

Is the production of Good Girls Season 5 over budget?

According to TVLine, NBC agreed to a fifth season, and the main cast seemed eager to return. The production was set to begin in Spring 2022, however, the programme was later cancelled.

“[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to conclude the storey, but sadly, we were unable to make the financials work,” one NBC staffer said of the show’s termination.

The programme is presently streaming on Netflix; following its cancellation by NBC, fans anticipated that Netflix would renew it for the fifth season, but those expectations have been dashed.


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