Narcos Mexico Season 4: Release Date, Renewal, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

Narcos Mexico Season 4- The majority of people have already binge-watched Narcos: Mexico’s third season and are eager to see more of this crime thriller television series. So, naturally, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Narcos: Mexico season 4 right now.

Narcos: Mexico was released in November 2018 to positive reviews from both fans and reviewers. Narcos: Mexico has a 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, with an 81 percent audience rating. This is unsurprising given how captivating the criminal drama is.

The characters have a lot of depth. It’s a gritty crime drama, and these types of shows are never boring. Did we expect anything less from the Narcos franchise than a fantastic show?

Given how popular the program is, will there be a fourth season of Narcos: Mexico? Here’s everything we know so far regarding the fourth season of Narcos: Mexico.

Narcos Mexico Season 4
Narcos Mexico Season 4

Will there be a fourth season of Narcos: Mexico?

Unfortunately, we’ve arrived with awful news. Narcos: Mexico will not get a fourth season. When Netflix renewed the criminal drama series for a third season, they didn’t say if it would be the series’ final season. However, it was confirmed in September 2021 that Narcos: Mexico’s third season would be the final chapter.

We’re not surprised at all if we’re being honest. Narcos had three seasons, so it seems reasonable that its sibling show would have the same number of seasons. Both Netflix original shows have a similar premise, therefore if Narcos could tell a whole tale in three seasons, Narcos: Mexico could do the same in three seasons. So don’t hold your breath for a fourth season.

However, keep an eye out for a forthcoming limited series from the same creative team that brought you Narcos. The series is called Griselda, and we’re confident you’ll be as enthralled as we are when it debuts.

Narcos Mexico Season 4 (
Narcos Mexico Season 4

There are how many seasons of Narcos: Mexico?

Narcos: Mexico is currently in its third season, and all three seasons are available to view on Netflix. Each season consists of ten episodes with runtimes ranging from 46 to 69 minutes.

Season 4 cast of Narcos: Mexico

There will be no official season 4 cast because Narcos: Mexico will not be renewed for a fourth season.


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