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What’s So Special About Ivy League Schools: 6 Interesting Facts and Stats

Ivy League schools are eight of the most prestigious and elite colleges in the US. These are Harvard, Brown, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. Ivy League members are in the top 17 of the best national universities, according to the U.S. News & World Report. The schools are world-renowned for academic achievement, rigor, and prestige. They advance research and innovation and even influence popular culture.

Let’s take a closer look at things that make the Ivy League special. Here are six interesting facts you didn’t know about the most recognizable American universities.

The acceptance rates range from 3.7 to 8.7%

Being an Ivy League student is a dream for a lot of people, but getting accepted is a real challenge. The acceptance rates are notoriously low. While Cornell has at least 8.7% acceptance, the rates at Columbia and Harvard don’t even reach 4%.

How to get into a prestigious school? Essay writer recommend:

  • Have top-notch grades and SAT or ACT scores;
  • Write a killer personal statement;
  • Engage in various extracurriculars and community activities;
  • Apply early.

Was the term “Ivy League” an insult?

There are a few theories as to how the term “Ivy League” was originally coined. One of the popular ones is about Caswell Adams, a sportswriter for the New York Herald-Tribune in the 30s. He was assigned to cover a football game between the teams of Columbia and Pennsylvania.

Being a Fordham graduate, which had a strong football team at the time, Adams wasn’t pleased. He used the term “Ivy League” to refer to the two schools as an insult and show his attitude toward the game. But it stuck and turned into a symbol of the most prestigious American colleges.

Interesting and wacky traditions at Ivy League schools

Brown University

The school is known for its Brown Curriculum. Undergraduate students have no core class requirements. They are free to choose any subjects they want and have complete freedom to shape their own learning path.

Harvard University

Harvard has a tradition called Primal Scream. At first, it involved students screaming out of their windows at midnight before exams. However, later the tradition evolved. Now, instead of shrieking, students run naked through the Old Yard.

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Dartmouth College

Dartmouth holds a massive annual snowball fight. The tradition engages the whole campus at midnight during the first snowfall of every year.

University of Pennsylvania

During the Quaker games, Penn students have a tradition of throwing toast and singing Drink a Highball, which is a traditional unofficial cocktail of the school. However, some students go further and throw actual toasts at the team.

Columbia University

While Harvard students streak, students at Columbia prefer to start their chemistry exam prep night with a marching band! The tradition is known as Orgo Night and has a 50-year history.

Cornell University

If you want to feel like a Targaryen, visit Cornell on Dragon Day. On the last day before spring break, first-year architecture students parade giant dragons.

Princeton University

The Holder Howl is a tradition at Princeton when students howl out of their windows like wolves. It happens every Dean’s Date at midnight and may scare some unsuspecting freshmen.

Yale University

Yale organizes the Freshman Holiday Dinner for students at the end of the fall term. The celebration includes a parade of food and dancing with twinkling lights and ice sculptures for a Hogwarts-like atmosphere.

A third of corporate and political leaders are Ivy League graduates

Although attending one of the Ivy League schools is only half of success, the prestige and competence you earn there might help you in your career. Studies show that about a third of leaders in politics and the corporate world are Ivy League graduates. They are most represented in the arts and publishing industry.

Ivy League schools are among the best US colleges by median 10-year salary and debt

A student loan is a huge burden. In 2021, Forbes released the ranking of the best schools in the country based on the correlation between the average student debt and 10-year salary. All the Ivy League schools except for Brown are in the top 13. Here are some figures (debt vs. 10-year salary): Yale University 5,056 vs. 141,300, Princeton University 3,888 vs. 150,500, and Columbia University 10,493 vs. 132,100.

Ivy League schools are the richest in the US

It’s no secret the tuition at Ivy League schools is expensive. The members’ endowment fund values are jaw-dropping. In 2021, the market value of Harvard was 51.9 billion U.S. dollars, Yale University had 42.28, and the value of Princeton equaled 37.69.

To Sum Up

The members of the Ivy League are well-recognizable names in the US and beyond. These are prestigious colleges that are proud of the academic excellence, rich history, and success of their graduates. Each of them is unique and has a lot of secrets and jaw-dropping traditions that very few people know about.

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